Tutorials for Microsoft® Access

VBA / Modules     [39 articles]
Extracting GPS data from JPEG files06 Jul 20122000+
How to specify which version of Access to use for OLE automation07 Mar 20122000+
Accessing detailed file information provided by the Operating System03 Mar 20102000+
The differences between Nothing, Empty, Missing, Null, Zero and ZLS18 May 200997+
Logging form/report usage (CODE)18 May 200997+
Find As You Type (CODE)17 May 20092000+
Using an Access 2007 (.accdb) back-end database in an Access 2000+ front-end application26 Jun 20082000+
Scroll records with the mouse wheel in Access 200718 Jan 2008
Using VBA to insert characters at the cursor position18 Jan 200895+
Code for Has the record been printed?18 Jan 200895+
What is VBA?17 Jan 200895+
DAO programming examples23 Mar 2007ALL VERSIONS
Easily copy an SQL statement from a query to VBA23 Mar 2007ALL VERSIONS
ADO programming examples23 Mar 20072000+
ADOX programming examples23 Mar 20072000+
List files recursively30 Jun 200695+
ParseWord() - an alternative to Split()30 Jun 200695+
FileExists() and FolderExists()30 Jun 200695+
ClearList() and SelectAll()30 Jun 200695+
Code for Build a search criteria form30 Jun 200695+
Code for Relationship Report with extended field information01 Feb 200697+
Bring an external application window to the foreground03 Jun 200597+
Get all IP Addresses of your machine18 May 200597+
VBA: Convert text to proper case (alternative to StrConv())20 Apr 2005v1, v2
Alternative to Nz for Access v1 / v220 Apr 2005v1, v2
Copying a file in Access v220 Apr 2005v2
Copying data to and from the Clipboard (Acc 95+)20 Apr 200595+
Copying data to and from the Clipboard (Acc 1-2)20 Apr 2005v1, v2
Play a sound file in VBA20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Calculate a persons age given the DOB20 Apr 200595+
MinOfList() and MaxOfList() functions20 Apr 200597+
Code for Printer Selection Utility20 Apr 20052000+
VBA Traps: Errors in Logic20 Apr 200595+
VBA Traps: Working with Variables20 Apr 200595+
VBA Traps: Working with Recordsets20 Apr 200595+
Extended/Replacement DLookup()20 Apr 200595+
Error Handling in Access Basic20 Apr 2005v2
Error Handling in VBA20 Apr 200595+
Returning more than one value from a function20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Corruption     [8 articles]
Steps to recover from Access database corruption20 May 2009v2+
List files to a table05 Feb 20092000+
Code for Splash screen with version information24 Feb 200897+
Bugs introduced in Access 2003 SP331 Jan 20082003
Preventing corruption20 Apr 2005v2+
Preventing corruption (old version)20 Apr 2005v2+
Recovering from corruption20 Apr 2005v2+
Access Database Corruption Repair Guide13 Feb 2005ALL VERSIONS
Security     [9 articles]
Jet MDB security - under the hood15 Feb 2009ALL VERSIONS
Changing the encryption type in Access Part 204 Jun 2008
Changing the encryption type in Access 200728 May 2008
Access 97 'enabled' MDE databases are vulnerable!25 Oct 200697+
How to make design changes to an Access MDE file02 Oct 200697+
Protect the VBA source code in your MDE files26 Jun 200697+
Outlook Send E-mail Without Security Warning06 Sep 200597+
Field-level Permissions in Microsoft Access30 Apr 20052000+
Enabling/Disabling controls based on User Security20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
General     [24 articles]
Access basics: free tutorial18 Jan 2008ALL VERSIONS
Rounding in Access18 Jan 200895+
Prevent Access 2007 users from modifying existing databases18 Jan 2008
What is Microsoft Access?17 Jan 2008ALL VERSIONS
The lowdown on Access 200723 Mar 2007ALL VERSIONS
Problem names and reserved words06 Sep 2006ALL VERSIONS
Postal / Zip codes06 Sep 200697+
Quotation marks within quotes30 Jun 200695+
Database Issue Checker Utility30 Jun 20062000+
Managing Access COM Add-Ins17 Jan 20062000+
Common Errors with Null20 Apr 200595+
Event Driven Programming20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Currency format does not reflect regional settings20 Apr 2005v2+
International Dates in Access20 Apr 2005v2+
Display system and version information20 Apr 20052000+
Solving Problems with Library References (e.g. Date() fails)20 Apr 200597+
Custom Database Properties20 Apr 2005v2+
Self Joins20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
The DAO Object Model20 Apr 2005v2+
Split your MDB file into data and application20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Calculating Elapsed Time20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Nulls: Do I need them?20 Apr 200595+
Mail Merge with Word for Windows20 Apr 2005v2
Undocumented SysCmd Functions19 Apr 200597+
Forms     [40 articles]
A new method for disabling the Mouse Scroll Wheel in Access forms12 Aug 200997+
Lookup a value in a range20 May 200995+
Extended DAvg(): EAvg()20 May 200995+
Ranking or numbering records in forms/reports20 May 200995+
Logging form/report opening18 May 200997+
Highlighting search matches in Access 200718 May 20092003
Flagging required fields in forms17 May 200997+
Where are macros used in my forms and reports?29 Jan 200895+
Avoid #Error in form/report with no records18 Jan 2008v2+
Enter text in calculated controls18 Jan 200895+
Parameter of type Text is evaluated wrongly01 Dec 200697+
Find as you type - Part 2: How it works06 Sep 200697+
Find as you type06 Sep 200697+
Why does my form go completely blank?05 Sep 2006ALL VERSIONS
Build a search criteria form30 Jun 200695+
Enter value as a percent31 May 200595+
Listing Directory contents in a listbox / combo list20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Losing data when you close a form (bug)20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
List Box of Available Reports20 Apr 200595+
Combos with Tens of Thousands of Records20 Apr 200595+
NotInList: Adding values to lookup tables20 Apr 200595+
NotInList: Adding values to lookup tables (old version)20 Apr 200595+
Using the NotInList event (combo)20 Apr 2005v2
Managing Combo Boxes20 Apr 2005v2+
Using a Combo Box to Locate Records20 Apr 200597+
Popup Calendar20 Apr 200597+
Managing Multiple Instances of a Form20 Apr 200595+
Limiting text input length of an unbound text box20 Apr 200595+
Filter a Form on a Field in a Subform20 Apr 200595+
Return to the same record next time form is opened20 Apr 200595+
Carry data over to new record20 Apr 200595+
Carry data over to new record (old version)20 Apr 200595+
Rolling dates by pressing "+" or "-"20 Apr 2005v2+
Editing Form and control properties at runtime20 Apr 200595+
Print the record in the form20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Assigning Auto Keys for Aligning Controls20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Referring to controls on a subform20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
'#Error' when a Subform has no records01 Jan 1999ALL VERSIONS
Referring to properties and controls from a form/report01 Jan 1999ALL VERSIONS
Referring to controls within a tabbed form01 Jan 1999ALL VERSIONS
Reports     [15 articles]
Hide duplicates selectively18 Jan 2008v2+
Has the record been printed?18 Jan 200895+
Bring the total from a subreport back onto the main report30 Jun 200697+
Print a page with 3 evenly spaced mailing slips20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Check boxes in reports20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Use a multi-select list box to filter a report20 Apr 200595+
Printing a Quantity of a Label20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Sorting records in a Report at runtime20 Apr 200595+
Reports: Snaking Column Headers20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Reports: Create a blank line every fifth record20 Apr 2005v2+
Reports: Page Totals20 Apr 2005v2+
Numbering Entries in a Report or Form20 Apr 2005v2+
Limiting a Report to a Date Range20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Exporting Reports whilst retaining graphics01 Jan 1999ALL VERSIONS
Removing Min/Max/Close buttons from a Report's Preview Window01 Jan 1999ALL VERSIONS
Tables     [26 articles]
Cascade to Null Relations20 May 20092000+
Using the Currency field data type - without the hassle28 Mar 200997+
Creating an Audit Trail (Source Code)15 May 200897+
Starting Relationships - The Microsoft Access Way17 Jan 2008ALL VERSIONS
Validation Rules23 Mar 2007ALL VERSIONS
Truncation of Memo fields05 Sep 2006ALL VERSIONS
Archive: Move records to another table05 Sep 200695+
DeleteAllRelationships()05 Sep 200695+
Dump table details in VBA (DAO)20 Apr 200595+
Undelete Options (records)20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Referential Integrity can't be that easy!20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Data Types in Access20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
What, no record numbers?20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Finding duplicate records in a table20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Creating an Audit Trail20 Apr 200595+
Field type names (JET, DDL, DAO and ADOX)20 Apr 20052000+
Renaming fields and tracing dependencies20 Apr 20052000+
Fixing AutoNumbers (AutoNumber bug in Jet 4.0)20 Apr 20052000+
Set AutoNumbers to start from ...20 Apr 200595+
Reconnect linked tables on Start-up20 Apr 2005v2+
Reducing OLE Linking Overhead20 Apr 2005v2+
Introduction to Hyperlink fields20 Apr 200597+
Getting a value from a table: DLookup()20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Relationships between tables20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Undelete Tables and Queries in Access18 Apr 200597+
Using AutoNumbers properly01 Jan 1999ALL VERSIONS
Samples     [5 articles]
Google-Eye (Using the Web Browser ActiveX Control)14 Jul 200597+
People in households and companies - modelling human relationships20 Apr 20052000+
Printer Selection Utility20 Apr 20052000+
Clashing Events/Appointments20 Apr 200595+
Inventory Control: Quantity on Hand01 Jan 199495+
Conversion     [2 articles]
Converting from Access 97 to 2000, 2002 or 200320 Apr 200597+
Converting from Access 1 or 2 to Access 95 or 9720 Apr 2005v1, v2, 95, 97
Beginner Tips     [3 articles]
Setting up Default Forms and Report templates20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
What are these objects? (tables, queries, etc)20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
What to do when a database won't open01 Jan 199997
Queries     [11 articles]
What is SQL?17 Jan 2008ALL VERSIONS
What's a subquery?23 Mar 2007ALL VERSIONS
Surviving Subqueries23 Mar 2007ALL VERSIONS
DDL query code examples23 Mar 200797+
Crosstab query techniques05 Sep 2006ALL VERSIONS
Why can't I append some records?30 Jun 200695+
Action queries: suppressing dialogs, while knowing results30 Jun 200695+
Why is my query read-only?30 Jun 200695+
Calculated fields being misinterpreted20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Calculated Fields20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
The query lost my records!20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Bugs     [21 articles]
Why I stopped using Yes/No fields20 May 2009ALL VERSIONS
Slow queries in Microsoft Vista18 Jan 200897+
Grouping by Memo field yields garbage01 Dec 200697+
Concatenated fields yield garbage in recordset01 Dec 200697+
Outer join queries fail on Yes/No fields01 Dec 200697+
Relationship Report with extended field information01 Feb 200697+
DISTINCT query handles Nulls inconsistently20 Dec 2005ALL VERSIONS
Query NULL comparison gives wrong result (bug)20 Apr 2005ALL VERSIONS
Records missed by SELECT query (bug)20 Apr 20052000+
Problem properties (bugs)20 Apr 20052000+
Incorrect sorting with Decimal fields (bug)20 Apr 20052000+
Incorrect displaying of data in forms (bugs)20 Apr 200595+
Conditional formatting bug20 Apr 20052000+
Writing the wrong record (Bookmark bug)20 Apr 200597, 2000
Writing the wrong record (Bookmark bug, old version)20 Apr 200597, 2000
Failures caused by Name Auto-Correct (bugs)20 Apr 20052000+
Incorrect filtering in forms/reports (4 bugs)20 Apr 200595+
Errors using multiple versions of Access under Vista/Windows 720 Apr 2005
Bug: Flickering tab controls in Access 200320 Apr 20052003
Access 97 'Error 3014 - Can't open any more tables.'01 Jan 199997
Access 97 Bookmark Bug07 Sep 199897