The lowdown on Access 2007

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by Allen Browne, 23 March 2007    (for ALL VERSIONS of Access)

Microsoft Access Tips for Serious Users

Provided by Allen Browne.  Created: December 2006.  Last updated: 9 May 2010.

Converting to Access 2007

Hint: Code does not run unless your
database is in a trusted location.

To trust your folder, click:

  • Office Button (top left)
  • Access Options (bottom of dialog)
  • Trust Center (left)
  • Trust Center Settings (button)
  • Trusted Locations (left)
  • Add new location (button)

The most significant release in 12 years, Access 2007 introduced major new functionality in both the engine and the interface. Seasoned developers discovered new things are possible, and casual users found more things within their grasp.

Get up to speed with Access 2007:

These observations are limited to Access, and do not address very significant new capabilities for data collection and integration with other software through WSS (SharePoint) or other software.

If you are upgrading from Access 97, you will also need the information in article, Converting from Access 97.


Service Packs are essential. Apply hotfixes if you experience a problem. Older updates and hotfixes (prior to Service Pack 2) are listed at the end of this article.

Service Pack 2Details: 953195
Apr 28 '09 helpUpdated Help (HxS) files for Microsoft Office Access 2007
Jun 30 '09 hotfix
Slow performance in Datasheets
Jun 30 '09 hotfix
1. Report does not display all CAD images (attachment field)
2. Report with Chart flickers in Report and Layout view
Jun 30 '09 hotfix
1. Query crash (ODBC, inheritance, and aggregation.)
2. Last row not imported.
3. Decimal lookup field not displayed (from ODBC table.)
Aug 25 '09 hotfix
1. Parameter shown as number (ASCII value) instead of text on a report.
2. Stored procedure executed multiple times when opening a form/report.
3. Navigation Pane and Status Bar issues after applying Service Pack 2.
4. Calculated field changes value while scrolling.
Oct 27 '09 hotfix
1. Office 2007 SP2 fails to update some files.
2. Objects can be deleted from Nav Pane even if you don't have permission.
3. Combo box becomes transparent when losing focus.
Dec 15 '09 hotfix
Ribbon options for rich text box now work in subforms.
Feb 23 '10 hotfix Runtime crash new

What's good (useful new features)

If you are familiar with older versions, the new Access may leave you shocked and bewildered - unable to find a thing without the familiar menus, toolbars, and Database window. It takes some time to adapt.

Once you recover, you unearth some seriously useful new functionality beneath that pretty face:

Feature Applies to Usage examples
Template ACCDB, MDB

Create a template database to be used any time you create a new database.

Any new database is initialized with whatever you placed in the template - settings, properties, forms, reports, macros, modules, references, error logging, splash form, ...

Seriously useful for individuals and developer teams who want consistency. Solves many problem properties (Name AutoCorrect, default references, etc.)

PDF Reports, datasheets

Formatted data in exports and emails. Prior to Service Pack 2, required a download. The PDF add-in can be chained into the runtime installation.

Field and Table templates Table design

Predefined fields (XSD-based settings for name, type, length) and tables provide consistency and speed in table design.

Rich text Memo fields, text boxes

For the first time, you can format text a text box: bold, italics, bulleted lists, fonts, colors, etc.  Use for comments, merge letter reports, ...

Applies to text boxes that are unbound, bound to an expression, or bound to a Memo field that has the Text Format property set to Rich Text (in table design.)

Note: stores HTML (not RTF.)

Compressed storage OLE field, Attachments, pictures on forms/reports Images are in compressed format (e.g. JPG), with transparency (e.g. PNG.) Previous versions used used bitmap storage - impractical for more than a handful of images.
Append Only Memo fields

Keeps a ColumnHistory of the text in the memo field each time it is changed.

Use for legally sensitive notes (e.g. staff/client case notes.)

Tabbed documents Open queries, forms, etc.

Choose between tabbed documents and overlapping windows (the old MDI view): Office Button | Access Options | Current Database.

Split forms Forms

A synchronized Datasheet (for locating the record) and Form view (for editing.)

Layout view Forms, reports

Design forms and reports while viewing your data.

Control layouts Form and report design Arrange controls as a group (including labels in a different section), and manipulate them together. Add gridlines that expand to the tallest control, even where controls Can Grow.
Search Datasheets, forms

A Search box in the horizontal scrollbar searches any field in real time, finding matches between keystrokes. No setup: automatically appears in datasheets and forms.

Filters Datasheets, forms

Filter or sort by clicking the column header in a datasheet. No setup.
(Particularly good on date fields, e.g. "last week", "last month".)

Totals Datasheets

In any datasheet, depress Totals on the Records group of Home tab.
At the foot of each column, choose sum, count, average, etc. No setup.

Bound images Image control Images now have a Control Source. Save the file name in a text field, and the image displays it without code. Show a graphic for each record, even in Continuous Form view.
Date picker Date fields, text boxes

Calendar automatically appears beside date fields/controls. No setup.
(Can be suppressed with Show Date Picker property.)

Edit list items Combos, list boxes

Set the List Items Edit Form property of the combo box.
Right-click to edit/add to the items to the combo's list.

Alternating row colors Reports, forms, datasheets

Shade alternate rows by setting the Alternate Back Color property of the Section. No setup required for Datasheets.

Truncated numbers Number fields

Option to show numbers as #### if column is too narrow (as Excel does.) Configurable: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Check for truncated number fields.

Macro design arguments Macros

In Macro Design, a new column displays the arguments for each action, making it much easier to follow what the macro is doing.

TempVars Macros, queries, code, controls

Collection of variables that can be used application-wide and survive code resets. Example: In AutoExec macro, SetTempVar named LicensedTo to "Acme Corporation", and add this text box to each report header:  =[TempVars]![LicensedTo]

Save Import/Export External data After an import or export (External Data tab of the ribbon), you can save the operation and repeat it later.
Data Collection Data Send HTML forms in email, and automatically process the data when replies are received. (See the Collect Data group on the External Data tab of the ribbon.)
Template databases Anyone wanting a sample database to use or extend Sample databases to get you started.
For business, education, personal, and the Northwind sample.
Free runtime Everyone Microsoft is providing free developer extensions and runtime Access so you can create an Access 2007 application and give it to users who do not have Access 2007. (In previous versions, this was an additional commercial product.)

There are many other little improvements as well. For example, datasheets are more readable and colorful, the Parameters dialog (in query design) is a much larger, the NavigationCaption property for forms, and the Auto-Format styles to enhance the look of your database.


What's mixed (good and bad)

Some new features could be considered good or bad, depending on your point of view. Microsoft designed many of these features for end users, so the "bad" is most likely the perspective of the serious user or Access developer.

Feature Good Bad
Multi-valued fields Easy for beginner to choose multiple values in field.

The relational structure behind multi-valued fields is not accessible.

Developers will find it harder to handle complex data types. Any generic procedure you write must be capable of handling fields that contain fields. You cannot use a table with a multi-valued field in an IN clause (i.e. in another database.)

Problems with filters - kb 926701

Attachment fields Able to store multiple attachments for one field.
Supports compressed storage.

Attachments are complex data, so the comments above apply. Many large attachments may push you towards to 2GB limit.

Report view Right-click fields in report view to filter, sort, find, copy, or follow hyperlink.

The events of the report's sections do not fire in this view.

Ribbon New look.

Initial frustration at not knowing where to find things.
Custom ribbons are harder to create than custom toolbars.

Navigation Pane Can be resized, shuttered, or hidden.
Search box (not shown by default.)

Harder to find an object, e.g. you have hundreds of queries.

By default, objects sort by sub-type (e.g. crosstab queries above select queries or action queries.) Configurable.

Once a category is collapsed, the Nav Pane does not remember the most recently used object under each category.

Modify schema (Datasheet) Can disable: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Enable Design Changes in Datasheet View.

On by default, so users can add, delete, and rename fields in Datasheet view.

Macros more powerful Embedded macros, with error handling.
Use variables in macros - SetTempVar.
Works even with code disabled.

Still inadequate for most serious tasks.

Wizards create Embedded Macros in an ACCDB (but VBA in an MDB.)

Sorting And Grouping (Reports) Easier for novices to discover and understand.

Cannot see many rows at once. Shows sorting direction for selected field only.

Field List The Field List (form/report design) can show fields from all tables, making it easier for novices to add fields from other tables. Side effects of altering the Record Source (e.g. read only, or records gone due to inner join.) Can make Design View slow to open.


What's gone (features removed)

A few of the features Microsoft considered to be "less used" have been omitted from the new file format (ACCDB):

Feature removed Workaround
Security (MDW)

ACCDBs do not support security, and Access 2007 does not provide the interface to manage security for MDBs.
Use tables attached to a database that has security (SQL Server, MySQL, ...), or attach tables from an MDB and manage them as described in kb 918583, or Security Considerations and Guidance for Access 2007 or What happened to User-Level Security? (In reality, the Access security was never more than a padlock.)


Use attached tables, connected to a database that supports replication — e.g. use an MDB back end rather than an ACCDB back end.

Data Access Pages (DAP)

DAPs are no longer supported. Generate your web interface through PHP or ASP. Microsoft's explanation.

Publish report to Excel

Fixed in Service Pack 2

In the new version (MDB or ACCDB), you can no longer export a report to Excel. (Tables and queries can still be exported.)
Speech recognition On Windows XP, Office 2007 cannot handle speech input. You must use Vista, or purchase 3rd party dictation software.
Windows in Taskbar The setting to show each form in the Windows Taskbar has been removed. (In previous versions this was: Tools | Options | View | Windows in Taskbar.)


What's fixed (old issues solved)

Several issues with existing versions of Access are solved in 2007:

Issue Solution
Security dialogs

Every time you opened your database, Access 2003 tried to convince you that was a bad thing unless it was digitally signed. Access 2007 solves this by introducing Trusted Locations (Office Button | Access Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings.)

Mouse Wheel

Developers often coded to disable the mouse wheel so it would not scroll records in Form view. Access 2007 scrolls in Datasheet and Continuous view, but not form view. (Use the Mouse Wheel event if you want the old behavior.)

Email in Hyperlinks Previous versions prefixed "http://" to all hyperlink fields. Access 2007 recognizes email addresses, and prepends "mailto:"
Percent format If you type 5 into a field formatted as "Percent", Access 2007 understands it as 5%. Previous versions interpreted it as 500%. (This workaround is no longer required.)
Default Value (number fields) You no longer have to remove that annoying zero Access used to assign to the Default Value property of every numeric field you created.
Reserved field names Access 2007 recognizes the most common field names that cause problems (e.g. Name, Date, Month, and Year), and warns you (in table design.) It responds to only a very few reserved names, so you still need this utility or list.
Picture + Caption Display both a Picture and a Caption on command buttons and tab controls (but not toggle buttons.)
Autofill (datasheets) Previous versions attempted to guess the number you wanted when entering data in a datasheet. This annoying behavior has been removed.
Imports Several issues solved, such as the ability to choose columns and specify data types when importing from Excel.
Internal margins Scroll bars now work for controls with internal margins, and size-to-fit correctly. Controls now have padding as well as margins.
Filters Several filter bugs fixed.
Decimal data type Access can now sort Decimal fields correctly.
Queries survive if table gone If a linked table is not present, Access 2007 opens the query in SQL View, leaving the query statement intact. (Previous versions opened in design view, removing the joins from the FROM clause.)


What's broken (new bugs)

Like Access 95 (the first 32-bit version) and Access 2000 (the first JET 4 version), Access 2007 is a major revision. Inevitably, there were bugs in the initial release of this version too.

All the engine-level bugs in previous versions have been carried into Access 2007 unfixed, so you can expect the same incorrect results in your queries.

New bugs in Access 2007 include:

Bug Comments Fixed?

Spell checker corrupts rich text

If you run the Spelling Checker on a rich text field that contains a carriage return, the words are messed up.

Yes: SP1

Cannot assign specific printer to report

In report design view, the Page Setup dialog lets you assign a specific printer to the report. Access 2007 loses this setting, and the report goes to the default printer. (A report assigned to a specific printer in a previous version still works.)

Yes: SP2

RecordSource property not updated

If the source for a form/report is a SQL statement, and you click the Build button beside the RecordSource property, your changes are lost when you return from the query designer (unless you move to another property.)

Yes: SP2
OldValue incorrect in multi-valued fields

While a form is being edited, a control's OldValue should indicate the value that will be restored if you undo the edit. The OldValue of a combo bound to a multi-valued field yields the current value, not the old value.


Rich text limited in subforms

A rich text control in a subform is barely useable. Since the formatting on the ribbon is disabled, and the minibar does not appear, you are limited to keystrokes such as Ctrl+B.

Yes: hotfix
Compatibility issues

Access 2007 cannot understand some expressions that work in previous versions. For example, this expression in the Control Source of a text box results in #Name:
For a workaround, see Avoid #Error in form/report with no records.

Interface issues

There are some problems with the new interface, e.g.:

  • View icon (Home tab of ribbon) remains disabled after resetting code.
  • Print Preview disappears from ribbon.
Shift+Del (Navigation Pane)

If you Shift+Del an object in the Navigation Pane (deletion without confirmation), Access misreads the held-down shift and selects all previous objects. So if you delete the last form, and slip - tapping Del a second time, or not releasing it before the first AutoRepeat -you just deleted ALL forms, without confirmation.


Events don't fire for Image control

If an Image control is on the page of a tab control, its Click, Mouse Down, and Mouse Up events don't fire. Yes: SP1
Image control does not set current record Clicking an image control on a continuous form does not set the current record, so its events appear to be reporting the wrong record. No
VBA References in Windows Vista

See Errors using multiple versions of Access under Vista.


Export to PDF: Underlining not shown

Underlined labels and text in a report are not underlined when you export to PDF. Workaround: use an expression in a rich text box, instead of plain text or label. (Courtesy Alan Cossey.) Yes: SP2
Office Live data accepted, but lost If a database linked to an Office Live site is taken off line, and opened with an unactivated Access 2007, the user is warned that the data is read-only. However, the form permits data entry, but loses the data when the form is closed. (Courtesy Alan Cossey.) ?

Data loss on compact

If you have an AutoNumber field that is not the primary key, Access 2007 allows an Update query to update the field to Null. When you compact the database, you then lose all records in this table. Yes: SP2

Crash opening report with fields
assigned programmatically

If you assign the Control Source of text boxes in Report_Open, you may crash Access 2007 if the report is more than one page long. (Similar to kb 927536, but is issue not limited to Layout View.) Yes: SP1

Custom Shortcut menu fails

Custom shortcut menus (right-click) do not work in subforms.  Hotfix released. Yes: SP2
Custom Toolbar buttons may not work Some toolbar buttons do not work in MDE, e.g. if you copied the Close button from the Print Preview toolbar. N/a
Navigation buttons do not auto-repeat Holding down the navigation buttons (left end of horizontal scrollbar) no longer spins through records. No

DAO synchronise may fail (error 3251)

Hotfix released. Yes: hotfix
Microsoft's list of bugs See the Errors section of N/a
Access Junkie's list of kb articles Jeff Conrad (ex-MVP, now working for Microsoft) has created this list. N/a

Click event reports wrong record

If you change record in the Click event of a label, image control, text box etc (not command button), Access 2007 reports the old record until the event ends. Yes: SP2
Sendkeys may fail Unless previous versions of Access are also installed, macros that use Sendkeys may fail with the message:
    The SendKeys action requires the Microsoft Office Access Utility Add-in to be loaded.

Changing Text Box to Label

Access 2007 crashes when you save a form after right-clicking a text box and choosing Change To | Label. Yes: SP2
Date picker shows in queries In table design, you can set the Show Date Picker property to No for a Date/Time field, but in a query the field still has the date picker. No
Form named the same as a table/query fails Error: The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist. Kb 926700. ?
Error moving pages in reports Error: No current record. Kb 888635. ?
Changing Control Source crashes Access Access may close if the form/report that has a subform/subreport. Kb 927536. ?

Combo becomes transparent

A combo may display as transparent when focus leaves it. Hotfix (post SP2.)  Workaround: set AlternateBackColor property of (Detail?) Section to something other than "No Color", e.g. #80000027. Yes: hotfix
Table/query not found Occurs if table/query has the same name as a form/report. Kb 926700. ?
Search-For-Record bug Access 2007 does not fire the Current event of a form after a SearchForRecord, if the first record matches the criteria. ?
Split forms: records disappear on undo If you select records in the Datasheet part of a split form, delete, and cancel the deletion, the datasheet does not display all records and the navigation buttons do not work fully. (No data is lost.) No

Sub-subform: error on delete

A subform in Datasheet view can have a subform (in A2007 only.) But when you delete from the sub-subform and then move record in the main form, it errors: Operation not supported in transactions. Yes: SP2

Crash when changing label to text box

In form design, Access may crash when you right-click labels, Change To | Text Box, and save. Yes: SP2
Crash when AppIcon file does not exist Access 2007 crashes if the AppIcon db refers to an icon file that does not exist, and the string is more than 130 characters. (Identified by Phil Taylor and Peter Damm.) No
"Query too complex" errors in SP2 UNION queries on attached tables fail after installing Service Pack 2 for Office 2007, though they worked before. Details in No
Properties box may disappear Use RegEdit to edit the Windows registry. While Access is not running, delete the entries "ASCB1107" and "ASCB2071" under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Access\Settings\CommandBars. N/a
Split form's variables lose their value In a split form (with the Datasheet at the bottom), module-level variables get reset (don't retain their value while the form is open.) Sample in this thread. new No

In some cases (prior to SP2), Access 2007 deleted the database when you compact it. To prevent this:

  • Apply Service Pack 2, or the April 16 hotfix.
  • Do not store databases in offline folders. (There are known issues with using Access databases in Windows off-line folders.)
  • If you see the following dialog, DO NOT CLICK OK!!! Instead, open the Windows Explorer, and make a copy of your database, as Access is about to destroy it:

Microsoft Office Access can't delete database name.accdb after compacting it. The compacted database has been named Database.mdb.

If you compact a database using the same name, Microsoft Access creates a new compacted database and then deletes the original database. In this case, however, the original database wasn't deleted because it is read-only.

If you can, remove the read-only status, delete the original database, and then rename the new database using the original name.
If you can't remove the read-only status, inform your workgroup administrator.


The settings below are suggested for developers who do not want users modifying the database schema or objects.

Setting Issue Comments
Trusted Locations VBA code is disabled by default.

Add the path where your databases are stored: Office Button | Access Options | Trust Center | Trusted Locations.

Name AutoCorrect Corruptions and bugs.

Disable for each database: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Name AutoCorrect.

Schema changes Users can delete fields, rename fields, and add new fields in Datasheet view.

Uncheck this option: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Enable design changes for tables in Datasheet View.

Important: Do this for every database, including any existing ones that might be used under Access 2007.

Layout view Users can modify forms and reports.

Uncheck: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Enable Layout View. Alternatively, set AllowLayoutView to No for each form and report.

Note: Apply this setting in each database, even if you had set AllowDesignChanges to No in previous versions.

Hint: Create a template with these options set, so they are applied whenever you create a new database in Access 2007.

Other settings that differ from previous versions:

  • Margins default to 0.25 inch: Office Button | Access Options | Advanced | Printing.
  • Text fields default to 255 characters: Office Button | Access Options | Object Designers.
  • Numbers that do not fit display as ####: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Check for truncated number fields.



Access 2007 can natively work with MDB files in Access 2000 format or Access 2002/2003 format. It will modify those files, e.g. adding new hidden system tables (such as MSysNavePaneGroups) and properties (such as UseMDIMode), but the files still work in the old versions. If you need to programmatically determine the file format, version of JET/ACE, and version of msaccess currently executing, see our Splash Screen utility.

Without extensive testing, the compatibility seems surprisingly good considering how different the new version is. It transparently uses Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library when you open an MDB, but Microsoft Office 12.0 Access database engine Object Library when you open an ACCDB, and since both libraries respond to References("DAO"), your existing code works in both versions.

If your form loads without records, set the new FilterOnLoad property to No (in form design view.)

In converting an old database, you could strike problems with deprecated items such as the FileSearch object, dialogs that no longer exist in the ribbon interface, or objects related to the removed features.

Prior to Service Pack 2, you could export a table or query in Excel format, but not a report. Both OutputTo and SendObject would fail with error 2282: The format in which you are attempting to output the current object is not available. Applying SP2 should address this.

Do not convert a digitally signed database to an ACCDB. Access 2007 will prevent you modifying the code if you do.

Access 2007 does not support ADPs as well as previous versions. Microsoft recommends using attached tables instead, as explained in the book, Microsoft Access Developer's Guide to SQL Server by Andy Baron and Mary Chipman.  Hotfix released.

If you install Access 2007 along with previous versions, you may find that, over time, help begins disappearing from the previous versions. For example, if you place the cursor in a property/method in code (such as Visible) and press F1, you get a completely blank window (no content.)

Service Pack 1 also addressed the tedious delay each time you switch to Access 2007 after using another version. The reinstallation delay is now 20 seconds, rather than the 3 - 5 minute delay.

In previous versions, you could use a Long Integer field type formatted as a date value to store dates with no time component. This does not work in Access 2007.

If Access 2007 cannot convert a previous verion database because it is "exclusively locked" or "already in use", try holding down the Shift key when you open it. If that doesn't work try this recovery sequence.


For the ribbon:

Menu/Toolbar to Ribbon (Excel workbook) List, matching all previous menu and toolbar items to ribbon locations.
Menu/Toolbar to Ribbon (Interactive) Click on the A2003 interface to be shown the A2007 location. (Uses Flash.) How to create and manage ribbons for Access 2007, by Avenius Gunter. Also in German.
CommandBars Converter Convert menus and toolbars from old databases into Access 2007 ribbons. By Avenius Gunter.
Tame the Office Ribbon for Access A code class to enable, hide, change label text, or pictures of a button. By Albert Kallal (MVP)

Technical links:

Site Description
Migration considerations for Access 2007 Technet article, listing conversion/upgrade issues. Jeff Conrad's site on Access 2007, with many links in Access 2007 Help Topics and Access 2007 FAQ. Access 2007 site by Oli S (MVP).
Clint Covington's blog Articles such as Ribbon Extensibility and Creating Filter Favorites
Access Team blog MSDN blog, with contributions by the Access team; links like Adding programs to deployment packages.
Transitioning existing apps to Access 2007 MSDN article by Jan Fransen and Ken Getz
Optimizing Access Apps Linked to SQL Server MSDN article by Andy Baron
2007 Office System Driver Microsoft's driver to connect to Access 2007 databases (accdb and mdb) from non-Office software.
Access 2007 Solution Center Microsoft's "top issues" list for Access 2007
Help for Access 2007 Microsoft's help page for Access 2007.
Customize and control the Navigation Pane Microsoft's suggestions on how to use the Nav Pane as the interface for your application.
Developing Access 2007 Solutions with C or C++ Instructions and examples of how to access the new ACE engine from C. By Aleksandar Jakšić (Microsoft)
Use sandbox mode How to turn off sandbox mode for Access 2007 (e.g. to use Dir() in a macro.)
Chaining programs to the A2007 Runtime install How to chain hotfixes/addins (such as PDF) to the Access 2007 runtime deployment package. (From MSDN.)


Site Description
Database window for Access 2007 Database Window like previous versions. COM add-in by Avenius Gunter. Also in German.
Snapshot viewer for Access 2007 The snapshot viewer (for viewing exported reports) is not installed by default in Access 2007.
Save as PDF (Not needed once SP2 is applied.) The add-in from Microsoft to export PDF files (before Service Pack 2.)
Developer Extensions and Access Runtime Microsoft's royalty-free runtime for Access 2007. (See kb 937998 if Developer disappears from Office Button.)
Runtime for Access 2010 This one is for Access 2010 (not Access 2007.)

Older updates and hotfixes (before Service Pack 2):

Service Pack 1 Addresses many bugs in the original release, as listed in kb 942378.
Access Runtime Runtime with SP1.
Apr 8 '07 hotfix 1) Error 3251 synchronizing replicated database with DAO ("Operation not supported...")
2) Error 3001 updating records in JET 3.x database ("Invalid argument".)
Apr 11 '07 hotfixCustom shortcut menu (right-click) for subform not displayed (A2003 database in A2007).
Apr 27 '07 hotfixPerformance issues with an ADP.
Jun 24 '07 hotfixMenu items unusable after close or compact.
Jan 28 '08 hotfix1) Overlapping windows error.
2) SendObject and OutputTo fail with XLS format.
3) "Unrecognized format" error opening database.
Feb 26 '08 hotfixWarnings installing packaged solution (created with Access Developer Extensions 2007.)
Feb 26 '08 hotfixODBC driver returns wrong results for SQLDescribeCol and SQLColAttribute.
Mar 6 '08 hotfix1) Compact creates a new database named Database1.mdb.
2) Query of ODBC data source is very slow in Design View.
Mar 15 '08 hotfixPass-through queries prompt twice for data source.
Mar 22 '08 hotfixQuery fails on fields with half-width katakana characters.
Mar 31 '08 hotfixPage Setup dialog does not save customized printer settings.
Apr 16 '08 hotfixDatabase may be deleted on compact.
May 23 '08 hotfix1) Hangs with null date in MDB.
2) ACCDB fails importing from MDB: 'There isn't enough free memory to update the display.'
3) Line does not display correctly in report (MDB.)
4) Hangs on Japanese O/S when right-clicking subform.
Jun 24 '08 hotfixSQL Server 2005 query with JOINs is very slow.
Aug 26 '08 hotfixLinked Outlook 2007 contacts do not behave as expected.
Aug 26 '08 hotfix
   (kb 956054)
1) Parameter dialog pops up when you export a query (without parameters) to Excel.
2) Chart object is blank on Vista/Server 2008.
3) Forms are slow after upgrading from Access 2003.
4) SetValue won't set the Locked property of a check box.
5) Stapling is wrong when printing multiple copies.
Aug 26 '08 OfficeHotfix for Office 2007. Addresses an issue with the Close button in Access.
Oct 28 '08 hotfixAddresses Edit in Datasheet error, with linked Sharepoint data. (Stslist.msp)
Oct 28 '08 hotfix
   (kb 957690)
1) Popup modal form shrinks after changing RecordSource.
2) Export to RTF is slow.
3) StopMacro evaluates wrongly in chained macro.
4) Errors in Date/Time column in text file (linked or imported.)
5) Second subform fails to update from first subform (based on queries with parameters.)
6) Performance problem creating form based on linked table. (Access.msp)
Nov 11 '08 helpUpdates the help files for Access 2007 and Access Developer.
Dec 16 '08 hotfix1) Source Control affects saved code.
2) Subform goes blank and gives error 2467 (expression does not exist) when main form's Recordset set.
3) Performance slower than previous versions when sharing database file over a network.
Feb 24 '09 hotfix1) Pasting data from Excel gives Clipboard damaged error. (FMS has a description of the problem.)
2) Linked Outlook contact list is blank.
Apr 30 '09 hotfix
   (kb 968861)
Import from Excel fails with "unable to access information in the file <file name>."
Apr 30 '09 hotfix
   (kb 969406)
Dutch word for forms (formulieren) and reports (rapporten) not recognised.
Apr 30 '09 hotifx
   (kb 970233)
1) Control at the top of a report section does not appear (or appears in wrong place.)
2) Unable to select font list in Datasheet view.

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