Exporting Reports whilst retaining graphics

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by Keri Hardwick, 01 January 1999    (for ALL VERSIONS of Access)

When I export a report to Word or RTF, the lines and graphics do not export.

 True. If you need to preserve lines and graphics you have two options:

  • Adobe Acrobat.  Using Adobe Acrobat, you can print a report to a pdf file, preserving all formatting.  You must purchase Acrobat in order to create the files, the Acrobat viewer is free and many people have it installed.

After you purchase and install Acrobat, you can create pdf reports by printing to the Acrobat Writer instead of a printer. You can also automate the process of creating the pdf files in order to print reports without user intervention.

Acrobat can be used to capture output from many applications; you can combine several different pdf files into one. For example, you can take 2 Access reports and 3 pages created in a word processor; combine them and order the pages as you like.

Pdf files are editable with Acrobat Exchange (part of the Acrobat application) or Adobe PageMaker.

  • Microsoft Snapshot Viewer.  The ability to create files in MS Snapshot format was part of Office SR1. The viewer is also free and available from Microsoft; fewer users seem to have it installed.  The viewer is described on the MS site like this: “Allows users of Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, or any application that supports ActiveX ® controls, to open Access 97 report snapshot files (.snp). You can also download it from this link.

There have been reports on the newsgroups of Snapshot not perfectly preserving formatting, so be sure to give it a try.

Snapshot is one report at a time, Microsoft Access reports only.

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