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 Feb 2018
 09 Feb 2018

Website Upgrade

Great news;  EverythingAccess.com has just been moved to a brand new server, allowing us to offer full HTTPS encrypted content.

From today, all EverythingAccess.com website traffic is now encrypted. All old links pointing to our non-secure HTTP content will be automatically redirected to the new HTTPS secure content.

A big thank you goes to Let's Encrypt for their awesome free SSL certificate solution.

ps. If you notice anything broken due to the server upgrade, please get in touch!
 Dec 2015
 22 Dec 2015

New website -- Special Offers

To celebrate the Xmas season along with the launch of our new website design, from now until 31st December 2015, orders containing both vbWatchdog and vbMAPI licences together will get 50% discount on the entire order, applied at the online checkout.  Terms: 50% discount applies to the entire order automatically when both vbWatchdog and vbMAPI licences are purchased together at the point of sale on or before 31st December 2015 23:59 GMT.

Also take a look at the fantastic Access Basics course over at GoSkills, with presenter (friend, and Access MVP), Crystal Long.  It's a 40-lesson course, covering all of the basic concepts and practicalities of building Microsoft Access solutions.  Until December 26th it's available for the amazing price of just USD $29 one-off payment for 12 months access (GBP 29).

Course Info                 Course Special Offer Link

Merry Xmas and best wishes to all for the coming year!  Have a good one!
 Jul 2014
 07 Jul 2014

Special Offers [JULY 2014]

From now until 31st July 2014, we are running the following special offers on our software licences: Grab a bargain! Enjoy. Wayne Phillips
 Jun 2013
 10 Jun 2013

vbWatchdog v3 NOW AVAILABLE

vbWatchdog version 3 has landed!   What's new in v3

EXISTING USERS PLEASE NOTE: We will be contacting users about upgrades over the next few days.  Thanks for your patience.

 May 2013
 22 May 2013

vbWatchdog VERSION 3

We are proud to announce that the eagerly anticipated VERSION 3 of vbWatchdog is currently being beta tested by a private group of developers.

The product has been months in the making, and we've ensured there's something for everyone in this major update.  Being our flagship product, we want to ensure our customers get the chance to test the pre-release version of vbWatchdog.  Please drop us an e-mail if you wish to get involved.


Customers on an active support package will receive a free upgrade. Orders since May 1st 2013 will receive a complimentary upgrade to version 3.

Some teasers...

  • A new ErrEx.State of OnErrorUnwind (like OnErrorEnd, but no reset of global variables)
  • A new ErrEx.ReThrow method for throwing a locally handled error back up the callstack when inside an ErrEx.Catch block
  • The VariablesInspector has been extended with type information inside variable-dumps (displays the default property of objects where appropriate, and also identifies the real class type of generic objects/variants where possible)
  • New properties such as:
  • ErrorDialog improvements:
    customizable graphic (including transparency options),
    OnKeyDown event,
    FlashWindowOnOpen boolean property
  • Smaller binary size than version2
  • Lower memory usage than version2
  • Many efficiency and performance improvements, with a totally re-written core
  • vbWatchdog no longer requires the 'Allow programmatic access to the VBA project' switch in VBA hosts like Excel
  • Now supports all VBA hosts, even those that don't expose an Application.VBE property, like Outlook
  • Downloadable PDF manual for registered users
 Mar 2013
 13 Mar 2013

SPECIAL OFFER: New package deals

Following our successful package offers earlier in the year, from today until 1st May 2013, we are offering the following new package deals:

  • vbWatchdog Enterprise Edition- Single developer licence
  • vbMAPI - Single developer licence

Cost: £120 (RRP £144)

  • vbWatchdog Enterprise Edition - Single developer licence
  • vbMAPI - Single developer licence
  • Code Protector for Microsoft Access - Single developer licence

Cost: £150 (RRP £194)

  • vbWatchdog Enterprise Edition - COMPANY SITE LICENCE

Cost: £618 (RRP £1030)

Custom packages also available - enquire for details.

To take us up on this great offer, just contact us.

OFFER TERMS: All packages must be paid for by bank transfer - details provided by our sales team on enquiry.

 08 Mar 2013

MDE Unlocker - Discontinued

With immediate effect, our software product ‘MDE Unlocker’ will no longer be available for purchase.

Our products and services have evolved over time and we feel that now is the right time to retire this product.

We have seen a distinct increase in clients using our MDE to MDB restoration service, and we anticipate that all potential MDE Unlocker users will now consider this instead, as we provide a full conversion service (which includes full VBA code restoration).

Please note: we will continue to offer full technical support for current MDE Unlocker users until 9th March 2014.
 Jan 2013
 28 Jan 2013

SPECIAL OFFER: Package deals

From today until 1st March 2013, all vbWatchdog licence holders (current and new customers) have the opportunity to buy vbMAPI licences at a huge 40% discounted rate*.

If you haven't yet heard about our wonderful vbMAPI product, which greatly simplifies working programmatically with Outlook, check it out HERE.

To take us up on this great offer, just contact us.

*Offer terms: vbMAPI licences must be paid for by bank transfer - details provided by our sales team on enquiry.
 Nov 2011
 30 Nov 2011

vbMAPI Price Increase

From 1st December 2011, the price for a single developer licence of vbMAPI is increasing to GBP £59 (USD $95, EUR €69).

This increase reflects the vast number of feature improvements that have been made to vbMAPI since its initial release.

As usual, this price includes dedicated product support (via e-mail) and offers fantastic value for money compared to our competitors offerings.
 Apr 2011
 23 Apr 2011

Happy Easter and don't forget…

We would like to wish you all a happy and relaxing Easter break.

Don't forget, we currently have a great special offer of 50% discount on all licences for vbWatchdog (Global Error Handler Library) (until end of April).
 Dec 2010
 25 Dec 2010

Merry Xmas

We are now running a very special offer on our popular vbMAPI code library from now until 3rd Jan 2011.  The discount is nearly 20% off.  Grab a copy at this price while you can.

Merry Xmas to you all :)

OFFER EXTENDED UNTIL 31st Jan 2011. Happy new year!
 Nov 2010
 06 Nov 2010

vbMAPI v1.6 adds support for C#

v1.6 of our extremely popular vbMAPI library has just been released. This update primarily adds full support for the C# language.

In total, vbMAPI now supports 4 major programming languages without requiring any DLL: VBA, VB6, VB.NET and C#.

Full version history here: vbMAPI Version History RSS

ps. The update is free to all registered users.
 Sep 2010
 16 Sep 2010

Code Protector v2 has been released…

Previously known under the name of "MDE Source Code Protector", we've just released version 2 of the product, now called Code Protector for Microsoft Access.

The product now adds support for ACCDE file formats (Access 2007 & 2010) as well as the latest 64-bit ACCDE file format. v1 users will be contacted within the next week to discuss upgrade options.
 02 Sep 2010

vbWatchdog has been released!

Previously known under the name of "SimplyVBA Global Error Handler", we've just released version 2 of the product, now called vbWatchdog.

Designed specifically for VBA, the product offers a robust mechanism for catching and logging errors that occur in your VBA code on a global scale.

The main features are;

  • No DLLs required - vbWatchdog is coded neatly inside your VBA environment
  • Identify the source procedure and module name where the error occurred
  • List the exact line number to identify the line of code that failed
  • Report the full callstack that lead up to the exception
  • List values of variables within each procedure on the callstack
  • Offers a Try-Catch paradigm for simplifying local error handling
  • Prevents the Access Runtime from closing on unhandled errors
  • Includes a customizable HTML based error dialog at your fingertips
  • Includes a detailed online manual

Why not take a look at the Sample.MDB to see what you're missing out on...

More Information
 Jul 2010
 01 Jul 2010

RSS feeds to keep you up-to-date

We're starting to add some RSS feeds around the site to help keep you up-to-date when changes are made to the site and our products. Here are the first few:

vbMAPI Version History RSS feed
SimplyVBA Version History RSS feed
EverythingAccess.com News RSS feed
 May 2010
 24 May 2010

Website new-look & Special offer!!

Over the last two weeks we've been very busy updating the EverythingAccess.com website to offer a brand new look for 2010.  We're pleased with the result, and hope you are too.

(29th May: Special offer has now ended.)
 Apr 2010
 07 Apr 2010

Announcement: vbMAPI - Outlook Security Evader has been released.

vbMAPI - Outlook Security Evader

Created as a modern alternative to Outlook Redemption, vbMAPI helps avoid Outlook Security warnings when programmatically creating e-mails.

No DLLs required - this is a VB / VBA pure solution.

More information here
 Jul 2009
 15 Jul 2009

Announcement: SimplyVB6 Global Error Handler… released!

SimplyVB6 Global Error Handler has just been released. Those that pre-ordered should receive download information by the end of today.

To any SimplyVBA registered customers: if you wish to also order the VB6 edition, please contact us for an extra special discount offer!

SimplyVB6 Global Error Handler
 09 Jul 2009

Announcement: SimplyVB6 Global Error Handler… coming soon!

In addition to our very popular SimplyVBA Global Error Handler, you will soon be able to get your hands on a version designed for VB6... SimplyVB6 Global Error Handler.

From a developer perspective, the VB6 version is the same to use as the VBA version, although obviously works in a different environment. The VB6 version supports use in EXEs, DLLs, AddIns, etc. and comes with the same level of support and detailed manuals as the VBA version.

Product Release Date: Wednesday 15th July 2009.

PRE-ORDER now for an exclusive 30% discount
 Mar 2009
 03 Mar 2009

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler v1.3 update

New feature: Error propagation support
New ErrEx.State of OnErrorExitProcedure to give further possibilities in your global error handler.
Further customization options for buttons in the Vista-style dialog.
Fixed: Pressing escape key in Vista dialog previously caused problems. Escape key now disabled.

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler
 Oct 2008
 01 Oct 2008

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler v1.1 update

New feature: VariablesInspector class - available from ErrEx.VariablesInspector and ErrEx.CallStack.VariablesInspector
New feature: Completely revised registry-free installation option for ALL Access applications (MDBs / MDEs / ACCDBs etc).

Fixed: 'Toggle SourceLineNumbers' menubar add-in now remembers its last position.
Added: New menubar for the VBE AddIn
Plus a few other minor bug fixes.

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler
 Sep 2008
 01 Sep 2008

New product range announcement: SimplyVBA

We're proud to announce a new product range called SimplyVBA. The first product being:

SimplyVBA Global Error Handler

Coming soon:

SimplyVBA IDE Tools (Trace / profile utility, plus other cool VBE enhancements)
SimplyVBA Emailer (bypasses Outlook security warnings completely in VBA code and without altering the Outlook internal VBA project)
 Jun 2008
 05 Jun 2008

Blogging and Access Encryption

For those of you that are interested, I've just started blogging on Garry Robinsons vb123 blog here:


First post: Access 2007 encryption exposed

Learn how to tighten your Access 2007 encryption. Includes free software download: Encryption Manager for Microsoft Access 2007.

 Jan 2008
 27 Jan 2008

Welcome to our new look website!

We felt that a new year deserves a new look. We've got lots on the cards for 2008, including:

   -   New, improved version of MDE Unlocker (free upgrade for all v3 registered users)
   -   New, improved version of MDE Protector (free upgrade for all v1 registered users)
   -   New product: Access Password Retrieval Pro - recovers workgroup user passwords as well as database passwords

We hope you like the new website look - please send us your comments / suggestions:

 01 Jan 2008

Happy new year!

Best wishes to you all on behalf of EverythingAccess.com staff - thank you for your continued support.

Wayne Phillips
 Apr 2007
 26 Apr 2007

Product Update: MDE Source Code Protector v1.25

MDE Source Code Protector has now been updated to v1.25.

   -   New: Command line support. You can now automate this software in your build process (see FAQ for more info)
   -   Bug fix: Fixed processing of 'WithEvents' class variables in protected MDEs

Update is free to all registered customers.

MDE Source Code Protector v1.25 More Info
 Nov 2006
 24 Nov 2006

Installation bug fix

We have just released an updated installer for MDE Unlocker v3.20 - the old installer would fail for some users when installing on Chinese and Japanese versions of Windows.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Note: this update is not a product update - only the installer itself has been updated.
 Oct 2006
 30 Oct 2006

Product Update: MDE Unlocker v3.20

MDE Unlocker has now been updated to v3.20. Latest updates;

   -   Bug fix: Errors upon re-locking complex MDE files.

Update is free to all registered v3 customers.

MDE Unlocker v3.20 More Info
 11 Oct 2006

Product Update: MDE Unlocker v3.10

MDE Unlocker has now been updated to v3.10. Latest updates;

   -   Improved support for MDE files with minor corruption

Update is free to all registered v3 customers.

MDE Unlocker v3.10 More Info
 02 Oct 2006

Product Update: MDE Unlocker v3.00

MDE Unlocker has now been updated to v3.00. Latest updates;

   -   Now supports unlocking of Access 97 format MDE files (all forms & reports).
   -   Many internal component improvements - faster and more reliable
   -   Bug fix: Access violation at address 0x???????? In module 'MDEUnlocker.exe'. Read of address 0x00000018

MDE Unlocker v3.00 More Info
 02 Oct 2006

Product Update: MDE Source Code Protector v1.10

MDE Source Code Protector has now been updated to v1.10.

   -   Bug fix: Access violation at address 0x???????? In module 'MDEProtector.exe'. Read of address 0x00000018
   -   Many internal component improvements - faster and more reliable

Update is free to all registered customers.

MDE Source Code Protector v1.10 More Info
 Sep 2006
 21 Sep 2006

Product Update: The Access Workbench v4.5.8

Garry Robinson's popular 'Workbench' software for managing your Access databases has just been updated to v4.5.8.

Latest improvements;

   -   New tab for switching between databases stored in the same directory very easily
   -   Improved Most Recently Used Support
   -   MDE compilation from the delivery console
 19 Sep 2006

Commandbars now supported in our Recovery Engine

Effective immediately, all files submitted for our Access Database Repair Service will have commandbars recovered (where applicable). Toolbars, menubars and shortcut menus are all now recovered (depending on the level of corruption).

Commandbars supported in Access 97, 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003 format files.
 07 Sep 2006

Access v1.0, v1.1 and v2.0 files now supported in our Recovery Engine

Effective immediately, our Access Database Repair Service now supports old v1.0, v1.1 and v2.0 format Access database files.

Files submitted in these old formats are also returned to you in the correct, original format.
 01 Sep 2006

Ongoing EverythingAccess.com website updates throughout September

We are currently re-developing many aspects of the EverythingAccess.com website to give better accessibility and navigation around the site.

The updates will be spread out over the month of September, however, downtime to our services will be kept to a minimum.

If you experience any issues regarding the new website layout / content, please let us know - contact us.
 Aug 2006
 22 Aug 2006

Product Update: MDE Unlocker v2.10

MDE Unlocker has now been updated to v2.10.

   -   Fixed unlocking large Access 2003 files
   -   Fixed internal memory leaks

Update is free to all registered v2 customers.

MDE Unlocker v2.10 More Info
 14 Aug 2006

MDE Unlocker v2.00 released

The popular MDE Unlocker for Microsoft Access has been completely re-written and now provides much better unlocking ability for forms and reports.

MDE Unlocker v2.00 More Info

Now supports Access 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003.
(A separate Access 97 version will be released at a later date)
 Jul 2006
 10 Jul 2006

Product Update: MDE Source Code Protector v1.02

MDE Source Code Protector has now been updated to v1.02.

   -   Minor internal bug fixes
   -   Fixed analysis of large Access 2003 files

Update is free to all registered customers.

MDE Source Code Protector v1.02 More Info
 05 Jul 2006

Launch of our newsletter!

We've finally launched the first issue of our free newsletter.

Thank you to all our valued readers - we look forward to reading any feedback you give us!

Sign up here
 Jun 2006
 26 Jun 2006

MDE Source Code Protector released

In response to concerned developers regarding our MDE Conversion service, we have developed this utility that helps developers better protect their MDE files from reverse engineering.

Read more about the MDE Source Code Protector here