VBA: Convert text to proper case (alternative to StrConv())

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by Allen Browne, 20 April 2005    (for Access v1, v2)


Use this function to correct case for proper nouns. For example, if company names have been entered in all upper case, create an Update Query that calls this function to correct it. You will probably need to manually correct those that don't follow the rule: the function does not handle names like McDonald or van Leen

Function Proper (var As Variant) As Variant
' Purpose: Convert the case of var so that the first letter of each word capitalized.
   Dim strV As String, intChar As Integer, i As Integer
   Dim fWasSpace As Integer    'Flag: was previous char a space?

   If IsNull(var) Then Exit Function
   strV = var
   fWasSpace = True              'Initialize to capitalize first letter.
   For i = 1 To Len(strV)
      intChar = Asc(Mid$(strV, i, 1))
      Select Case intChar
      Case 65 To 90              ' A to Z
         If Not fWasSpace Then Mid$(strV, i, 1) = Chr$(intChar Or &H20)
      Case 97 To 122             ' a to z
         If fWasSpace Then Mid$(strV, i, 1) = Chr$(intChar And &HDF)
      End Select
      fWasSpace = (intChar = 32)
   Proper = strV
End Function

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