MDE to MDB file conversion service


ACCDE to ACCDB file conversion service

(other formats also supported, such as ADE to ADP)

If you've lost the original source files to your Microsoft® Access application, then you've come to the right place.  Here at we provide a comprehensive service for converting compiled Microsoft® Access files (.ACCDE/.MDE/.ADE) back to their original source files, including all objects and source code.

  • We can convert all MDE files back to MDB format, including all VBA source code
  • We can also convert all ACCDE files back to ACCDB format, including all VBA source code
  • We recover all Access objects (forms, reports, macros, VBA code, tables, queries, etc.)
  • The VBA source code we recover is complete and functionally equivalent to the original
  • The recovered VBA code includes all original procedure and variable names
  • If necessary, we can quote for upgrades, such as supporting 64-bit versions of Access

  • Confidentiality assured: don't share your back-end files, just send the front-end file(s)
  • Cost is from as little as USD $450* (typically much cheaper than a re-write)
  • Average project turnaround time:  1-2 business days

*The cost for this service depends on the complexity of the VBA code.  A free quote is provided.

We've been offering this service since 2006, and from being the only provider of this service worldwide, we have done work for some of the largest organisations in the world.  Having established a fantastic reputation in the Microsoft® Access community, you can be assured that we will treat your project with the care and attention that it deserves.  

Please note: we can offer this service only to those that own the intellectual property.


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FAQ: What's the quality of the reverse engineered source code like?

  1. We retain all of the original procedure names
  2. We retain all of the original variable names and data types
  3. The resultant source code is 100% functionally equivalent to the original code

Click here for an example of the quality of recovered VBA code

Although the resultant source code is very close to the original code, there will be some minor cosmetic differences.  As an example, if you originally wrote a 'Do... Loop' statement, it might come back as a 'While... Wend' loop instead, although we always ensure that it functions exactly the same.

The only downside to this approach is that it is impossible to recover the original developer comments.  These comments are no longer stored in the compiled file and therefore cannot be recovered by any means. This does not affect the functionality of the recovered file.

More Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ: What's the cost for the conversion?

The cost is largely dependant on the complexity of the compiled VBA project in your software.  We provide a free no-obligation quote on request.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Legal & ethical restrictions

We are aware that some developers believe that the service we offer is a threat to their development work and/or businesses.  This is completely untrue.  Put simply:

We only take on conversion projects when our clients can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are the true owners of any intellectual property and copyrights of the application in question.

We research our clients and the applications thoroughly.  If there is any ambiguity as to who wrote the original application or who owns the IP or copyrights, then we simply refuse to take on the project. 

Every effort will be taken to contact the legal owner and/or original developer before reverse engineering a project.  If we cannot get in touch with them, then we will refuse to take on the project.

For concerned developers that want to prevent decompiling of MDE/ACCDE files, please see our product Code Protector for Microsoft Access

Terms of service

This company has the ABSOLUTE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever seen. 

We had an Access 97 database that was created and saved as an MDE by an employee that had since retired and there was no backup of the database.

We found EverythingAccess online, and contacted them.  They converted the MDE to MDB in 2 days, and it works FANTABULOUS!!! We highly recommend their service.

- Demita @ Texas Instruments

Thank you very much - the service I received from EverythingAccess in converting an MDE to MDB was:

  • courteous;
  • ethical (verification of ownership);
  • quick;
  • good result.

Happy to recommend your services.

- Allen Browne (Access MVP)

After a severe hard drive crash and with backups having become corrupt, we lost many of our clients bespoke applications source code.  We were left with the compiled MDE files but couldn't make changes for our clients.

Fortunately we found EverythingAccess on the internet and made arrangements with them to reverse engineer all of our MDE files back to MDB format.

After each conversion, all questions and minor issues were solved immediately... very good service.

Of course we have now changed the backup procedure so this can't happen again :)

We are very satisfied now that we've got our source code back and can now make changes again for our customers.

- Karel @ Datamaat

When best laid plans and hard drives fail and the only “current” copy of an Access program you have been developing for years is a complied Access database, is all lost? Well I'm here to tell you NO, you have a recourse to reverse engineer the .mde.

When this happened to me, I thought I would have to start from an old backup and rebuild but thanks to Wayne and his group, I was able to pickup right where the hard drive failure left me.

I hate to admit it but I had to use EverythingAccess for three .mde’s that were affected in the hard drive failure.  When I got the .mdb’s back, everything worked, in fact I think the programs worked better than originally!

I can highly recommend EverythingAccess if you find yourself in a similar predicament...

- Kris @ Icarus