ClearList() and SelectAll()

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by Allen Browne, 30 June 2006    (for Access 95+)

Microsoft Access: VBA Programming Code

Provided by, June 2006

ClearList() and SelectAll() functions

The ClearList() function deselects all items in a multi-select list box, or sets the value to Null if the list box is not multi-select.

The SelectAll() function selects all the items in a multi-select list box. It has no effect is the list box is not multi-select.

Use your own error logger, or copy the one in this link: LogError()


  1. To select all items in the list box named List0 on Form1:
        Call SelectAll(Forms!Form1!List0)
  2. To deselect them all:
        Call ClearList(Forms!Form1!List0)

The code

Function ClearList(lst As ListBox) As Boolean
On Error GoTo Err_ClearList
    'Purpose:   Unselect all items in the listbox.
    'Return:    True if successful
    'Author:    Allen Browne.  June, 2006.
    Dim varItem As Variant

    If lst.MultiSelect = 0 Then
        lst = Null
        For Each varItem In lst.ItemsSelected
            lst.Selected(varItem) = False
    End If

    ClearList = True

    Exit Function

    Call LogError(Err.Number, Err.Description, "ClearList()")
    Resume Exit_ClearList
End Function

Public Function SelectAll(lst As ListBox) As Boolean
On Error GoTo Err_Handler
    'Purpose:   Select all items in the multi-select list box.
    'Return:    True if successful
    'Author:    Allen Browne.  June, 2006.
    Dim lngRow As Long

    If lst.MultiSelect Then
        For lngRow = 0 To lst.ListCount - 1
            lst.Selected(lngRow) = True
        SelectAll = True
    End If

    Exit Function

    Call LogError(Err.Number, Err.Description, "SelectAll()")
    Resume Exit_Handler
End Function

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