Tutorials for Microsoft® Access

VBA / Modules     [39 articles]
Extracting GPS data from JPEG files06/07/2012Access 2000+
How to specify which version of Access to use for OLE automation07/03/2012Access 2000+
Accessing detailed file information provided by the Operating System03/03/2010Access 2000+
Logging form/report usage (CODE)18/05/2009Access 97+
The differences between Nothing, Empty, Missing, Null, Zero and ZLS18/05/2009Access 97+
Find As You Type (CODE)17/05/2009Access 2000+
Using an Access 2007 (.accdb) back-end database in an Access 2000+ front-end application26/06/2008Access 2000+
Scroll records with the mouse wheel in Access 200718/01/2008
Using VBA to insert characters at the cursor position18/01/2008Access 95+
Code for Has the record been printed?18/01/2008Access 95+
What is VBA?17/01/2008Access 95+
DAO programming examples23/03/2007All versions
Easily copy an SQL statement from a query to VBA23/03/2007All versions
ADO programming examples23/03/2007Access 2000+
ADOX programming examples23/03/2007Access 2000+
Code for Build a search criteria form30/06/2006Access 95+
List files recursively30/06/2006Access 95+
ParseWord() - an alternative to Split()30/06/2006Access 95+
FileExists() and FolderExists()30/06/2006Access 95+
ClearList() and SelectAll()30/06/2006Access 95+
Code for Relationship Report with extended field information01/02/2006Access 97+
Bring an external application window to the foreground03/06/2005Access 97+
Get all IP Addresses of your machine18/05/2005Access 97+
VBA: Convert text to proper case (alternative to StrConv())20/04/2005Access 1, 2
Alternative to Nz for Access v1 / v220/04/2005Access 1, 2
Copying a file in Access v220/04/2005Access 2
Copying data to and from the Clipboard (Acc 95+)20/04/2005Access 95+
Copying data to and from the Clipboard (Acc 1-2)20/04/2005Access 1, 2
Play a sound file in VBA20/04/2005All versions
Calculate a persons age given the DOB20/04/2005Access 95+
MinOfList() and MaxOfList() functions20/04/2005Access 97+
Code for Printer Selection Utility20/04/2005Access 2000+
VBA Traps: Errors in Logic20/04/2005Access 95+
VBA Traps: Working with Variables20/04/2005Access 95+
VBA Traps: Working with Recordsets20/04/2005Access 95+
Extended/Replacement DLookup()20/04/2005Access 95+
Error Handling in Access Basic20/04/2005Access 2
Error Handling in VBA20/04/2005Access 95+
Returning more than one value from a function20/04/2005All versions
Corruption     [8 articles]
Steps to recover from Access database corruption20/05/2009Access 2+
List files to a table05/02/2009Access 2000+
Code for Splash screen with version information24/02/2008Access 97+
Bugs introduced in Access 2003 SP331/01/2008Access 2003
Preventing corruption (old version)20/04/2005Access 2+
Recovering from corruption20/04/2005Access 2+
Preventing corruption20/04/2005Access 2+
Access Database Corruption Repair Guide13/02/2005All versions
Security     [9 articles]
Jet MDB security - under the hood15/02/2009All versions
Changing the encryption type in Access Part 204/06/2008
Changing the encryption type in Access 200728/05/2008
Access 97 'enabled' MDE databases are vulnerable!25/10/2006Access 97+
How to make design changes to an Access MDE file02/10/2006Access 97+
Protect the VBA source code in your MDE files26/06/2006Access 97+
Outlook Send E-mail Without Security Warning06/09/2005Access 97+
Field-level Permissions in Microsoft Access30/04/2005Access 2000+
Enabling/Disabling controls based on User Security20/04/2005All versions
General     [24 articles]
Access basics: free tutorial18/01/2008All versions
Prevent Access 2007 users from modifying existing databases18/01/2008
Rounding in Access18/01/2008Access 95+
What is Microsoft Access?17/01/2008All versions
The lowdown on Access 200723/03/2007All versions
Problem names and reserved words06/09/2006All versions
Postal / Zip codes06/09/2006Access 97+
Database Issue Checker Utility30/06/2006Access 2000+
Quotation marks within quotes30/06/2006Access 95+
Managing Access COM Add-Ins17/01/2006Access 2000+
Common Errors with Null20/04/2005Access 95+
Event Driven Programming20/04/2005All versions
Currency format does not reflect regional settings20/04/2005Access 2+
International Dates in Access20/04/2005Access 2+
Display system and version information20/04/2005Access 2000+
Solving Problems with Library References (e.g. Date() fails)20/04/2005Access 97+
Custom Database Properties20/04/2005Access 2+
Self Joins20/04/2005All versions
The DAO Object Model20/04/2005Access 2+
Split your MDB file into data and application20/04/2005All versions
Calculating Elapsed Time20/04/2005All versions
Nulls: Do I need them?20/04/2005Access 95+
Mail Merge with Word for Windows20/04/2005Access 2
Undocumented SysCmd Functions19/04/2005Access 97+
Forms     [40 articles]
A new method for disabling the Mouse Scroll Wheel in Access forms12/08/2009Access 97+
Lookup a value in a range20/05/2009Access 95+
Extended DAvg(): EAvg()20/05/2009Access 95+
Ranking or numbering records in forms/reports20/05/2009Access 95+
Highlighting search matches in Access 200718/05/2009Access 2003
Logging form/report opening18/05/2009Access 97+
Flagging required fields in forms17/05/2009Access 97+
Where are macros used in my forms and reports?29/01/2008Access 95+
Enter text in calculated controls18/01/2008Access 95+
Avoid #Error in form/report with no records18/01/2008Access 2+
Parameter of type Text is evaluated wrongly01/12/2006Access 97+
Find as you type - Part 2: How it works06/09/2006Access 97+
Find as you type06/09/2006Access 97+
Why does my form go completely blank?05/09/2006All versions
Build a search criteria form30/06/2006Access 95+
Enter value as a percent31/05/2005Access 95+
Listing Directory contents in a listbox / combo list20/04/2005All versions
Losing data when you close a form (bug)20/04/2005All versions
List Box of Available Reports20/04/2005Access 95+
Combos with Tens of Thousands of Records20/04/2005Access 95+
NotInList: Adding values to lookup tables20/04/2005Access 95+
NotInList: Adding values to lookup tables (old version)20/04/2005Access 95+
Using the NotInList event (combo)20/04/2005Access 2
Managing Combo Boxes20/04/2005Access 2+
Using a Combo Box to Locate Records20/04/2005Access 97+
Popup Calendar20/04/2005Access 97+
Managing Multiple Instances of a Form20/04/2005Access 95+
Limiting text input length of an unbound text box20/04/2005Access 95+
Filter a Form on a Field in a Subform20/04/2005Access 95+
Return to the same record next time form is opened20/04/2005Access 95+
Carry data over to new record20/04/2005Access 95+
Carry data over to new record (old version)20/04/2005Access 95+
Rolling dates by pressing "+" or "-"20/04/2005Access 2+
Editing Form and control properties at runtime20/04/2005Access 95+
Print the record in the form20/04/2005All versions
Assigning Auto Keys for Aligning Controls20/04/2005All versions
Referring to controls on a subform20/04/2005All versions
'#Error' when a Subform has no records01/01/1999All versions
Referring to properties and controls from a form/report01/01/1999All versions
Referring to controls within a tabbed form01/01/1999All versions
Reports     [15 articles]
Hide duplicates selectively18/01/2008Access 2+
Has the record been printed?18/01/2008Access 95+
Bring the total from a subreport back onto the main report30/06/2006Access 97+
Print a page with 3 evenly spaced mailing slips20/04/2005All versions
Check boxes in reports20/04/2005All versions
Use a multi-select list box to filter a report20/04/2005Access 95+
Printing a Quantity of a Label20/04/2005All versions
Sorting records in a Report at runtime20/04/2005Access 95+
Reports: Snaking Column Headers20/04/2005All versions
Reports: Create a blank line every fifth record20/04/2005Access 2+
Reports: Page Totals20/04/2005Access 2+
Numbering Entries in a Report or Form20/04/2005Access 2+
Limiting a Report to a Date Range20/04/2005All versions
Removing Min/Max/Close buttons from a Report's Preview Window01/01/1999All versions
Exporting Reports whilst retaining graphics01/01/1999All versions
Tables     [26 articles]
Cascade to Null Relations20/05/2009Access 2000+
Using the Currency field data type - without the hassle28/03/2009Access 97+
Creating an Audit Trail (Source Code)15/05/2008Access 97+
Starting Relationships - The Microsoft Access Way17/01/2008All versions
Validation Rules23/03/2007All versions
Truncation of Memo fields05/09/2006All versions
Archive: Move records to another table05/09/2006Access 95+
DeleteAllRelationships()05/09/2006Access 95+
Dump table details in VBA (DAO)20/04/2005Access 95+
Undelete Options (records)20/04/2005All versions
Referential Integrity can't be that easy!20/04/2005All versions
Data Types in Access20/04/2005All versions
What, no record numbers?20/04/2005All versions
Finding duplicate records in a table20/04/2005All versions
Creating an Audit Trail20/04/2005Access 95+
Field type names (JET, DDL, DAO and ADOX)20/04/2005Access 2000+
Renaming fields and tracing dependencies20/04/2005Access 2000+
Fixing AutoNumbers (AutoNumber bug in Jet 4.0)20/04/2005Access 2000+
Set AutoNumbers to start from ...20/04/2005Access 95+
Reconnect linked tables on Start-up20/04/2005Access 2+
Reducing OLE Linking Overhead20/04/2005Access 2+
Introduction to Hyperlink fields20/04/2005Access 97+
Getting a value from a table: DLookup()20/04/2005All versions
Relationships between tables20/04/2005All versions
Undelete Tables and Queries in Access18/04/2005Access 97+
Using AutoNumbers properly01/01/1999All versions
Samples     [5 articles]
Google-Eye (Using the Web Browser ActiveX Control)14/07/2005Access 97+
People in households and companies - modelling human relationships20/04/2005Access 2000+
Printer Selection Utility20/04/2005Access 2000+
Clashing Events/Appointments20/04/2005Access 95+
Inventory Control: Quantity on Hand01/01/1994Access 95+
Conversion     [2 articles]
Converting from Access 97 to 2000, 2002 or 200320/04/2005Access 97+
Converting from Access 1 or 2 to Access 95 or 9720/04/2005Access 1, 2, 95, 97
Beginner Tips     [3 articles]
Setting up Default Forms and Report templates20/04/2005All versions
What are these objects? (tables, queries, etc)20/04/2005All versions
What to do when a database won't open01/01/1999Access 97
Queries     [11 articles]
What is SQL?17/01/2008All versions
What's a subquery?23/03/2007All versions
DDL query code examples23/03/2007Access 97+
Surviving Subqueries23/03/2007All versions
Crosstab query techniques05/09/2006All versions
Why can't I append some records?30/06/2006Access 95+
Action queries: suppressing dialogs, while knowing results30/06/2006Access 95+
Why is my query read-only?30/06/2006Access 95+
Calculated fields being misinterpreted20/04/2005All versions
Calculated Fields20/04/2005All versions
The query lost my records!20/04/2005All versions
Bugs     [21 articles]
Why I stopped using Yes/No fields20/05/2009All versions
Slow queries in Microsoft Vista18/01/2008Access 97+
Outer join queries fail on Yes/No fields01/12/2006Access 97+
Concatenated fields yield garbage in recordset01/12/2006Access 97+
Grouping by Memo field yields garbage01/12/2006Access 97+
Relationship Report with extended field information01/02/2006Access 97+
DISTINCT query handles Nulls inconsistently20/12/2005All versions
Query NULL comparison gives wrong result (bug)20/04/2005All versions
Records missed by SELECT query (bug)20/04/2005Access 2000+
Problem properties (bugs)20/04/2005Access 2000+
Incorrect sorting with Decimal fields (bug)20/04/2005Access 2000+
Incorrect displaying of data in forms (bugs)20/04/2005Access 95+
Conditional formatting bug20/04/2005Access 2000+
Writing the wrong record (Bookmark bug)20/04/2005Access 97, 2000
Writing the wrong record (Bookmark bug, old version)20/04/2005Access 97, 2000
Failures caused by Name Auto-Correct (bugs)20/04/2005Access 2000+
Incorrect filtering in forms/reports (4 bugs)20/04/2005Access 95+
Errors using multiple versions of Access under Vista/Windows 720/04/2005
Bug: Flickering tab controls in Access 200320/04/2005Access 2003
Access 97 'Error 3014 - Can't open any more tables.'01/01/1999Access 97
Access 97 Bookmark Bug07/09/1998Access 97