Alternative to Nz for Access v1 / v2

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by Allen Browne, 20 April 2005    (Access 1, 2)

Null2Zero(), StrLen()

These two functions are very simple but useful in Access 1 and 2, since Nulls propagate like rabbits. From Access 95 onwards, use the built-in Nz() function.

Use Null2Zero() to prevent runtime errors when assigning values to non-variants, or to prevent calculations choking over Nulls.

Function Null2Zero(AValue)
   ' Purpose: Return the value 0 if AValue is Null.
   If IsNull(AValue) Then
      Null2Zero = 0
      Null2Zero = AValue
   End If
End Function

Len() returns Null as the length of a Null variant, so StrLen() is a quick substitute. Since any non-zero value = True, you can test for no entry (Null or zero length string) with If Not StrLen([MyControl]) Then

Function StrLen(AVariant) As Integer
   ' Returns the length of a variant or string, treating Null as a zero-length string.
   If IsNull(AVariant) Then
      StrLen = 0
      StrLen = Len(AVariant)
   End If
End Function

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