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Version History

Update: v1.16.3,     08-Nov-2023

  • Fixed: some further issues with handling of Outlook Signatures

Update: v1.16.2,     20-Apr-2023

  • Fixed: some further issues with regards to changes in how Outlook deals with signature images in latest releases of Outlook

Update: v1.16.1,     19-Apr-2023

  • Fixed: Potential hard crash when parsing Outlook Signature HTML documents

Update: v1.16.0,     08-Mar-2016

Update: v1.16.0,     01-Oct-2015

  • Fixed: Possible crash when 64-bit edition of Outlook was installed, combined with high availability of RAM.

Update: v1.15.4,     30-Sep-2015

  • Re-release of v1.15.3, with updated license agreement.

Update: v1.15.3,     24-Sep-2015

  • Improved: parsing of malformed HTML when processing image attachments (with vbMAPI_OutlookSignature::SetupAttachments method)

Update: v1.15.2,     28-Apr-2015

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::CopyTo method was not preserving HTML status (causing an implicit plain text to HTML conversion for HTML messages)

Update: v1.15.1,     21-Jan-2015

  • Fixed: The attachment paperclip icon should no longer be displayed to recipients of messages with hidden embedded images from Outlook Signatures. (vbMAPI_OutlookSignature::SetupAttachments method)
  • Added: vbMAPI_Attachment::Flags read/write Long property

Update: v1.15.0,     03-Nov-2014

  • Added minimal support for importing EML / RFC822 / MIME files into an existing message, through using a new method: vbMAPI_MailItem::Import(FileName, Type), where Type must be ImportType_RFC822. This feature requires Outlook 2002 or newer to be installed (for IConverterSession support).

Update: v1.14.4,     23-Jul-2014

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Session::OutlookSendReceiveAll was hanging due to an event problem introduced in v1.14.3

Update: v1.14.3,     26-Jun-2014

  • New: added a new event to the vbMAPI_Session object: OnModelessFormEvent(Command As String, Item As vbMAPI_MailItem). Only used when the Display method of the vbMAPI_MailItem object is called modelessly (first argument is False), and is currently only triggered by clicking the 'Send' button on the Outlook form. The command string parameter passed to the event is "BeforeSend" (giving us scope to add further commands to the same event at a future date).
  • Bugfix: fixed intermittent errors when iterating over large lists of vbMAPI objects (such as address lists, folder lists etc).

Update: v1.14.2,     26-Sep-2013

  • Fixed: Intermittent failure in the address book entries class that caused address list counts to be mis-reported as zero.

Update: v1.14.1,     03-Sep-2013

  • Fixed: memory corruption in calls to vbMAPI_MailItem::SetupAttachments in some circumstances.

Update: v1.14.0,     22-Aug-2013

  • Improved: The vbMAPI installer (for developers) and the developer-addin DLL are now digitally signed to prevent excessive warnings on installation
  • Fixed: PR_CONVERSATION_INDEX property is now always set on new outgoing mail

Update: v1.13.8,     17-Jul-2013

  • Fixed: internal handling of ansi zero length strings (that were being converted to NULL pointers, which Extended MAPI doesn't always accept)

Update: v1.13.7,     20-Feb-2013

  • Improved: vbMAPI_Signature::SetupAttachments method for better parsing of the HTML code

Update: v1.13.6,     19-Feb-2013

  • Improved: Session.OutlookSendReceiveAll method reliability

Update: v1.13.5,     19-Feb-2013

  • Fixed: Session.DeliverNow was unreliable, often throwing an exception. Now fixed.

Update: v1.13.4,     17-Dec-2012

  • Fixed: memory leak.

Update: v1.13.3,     10-Dec-2012

  • Added: vbMAPI_Attachment::DataAsByteArray property, for reading/writing the raw binary data of an attachment (similar to DataAsText, but for binary access)

Update: v1.13.2,     24-Sep-2012

  • Fixed: VBA addin installation for when VBA is run under elevated user permissions (e.g. 'Run as administrator').  Note: must run the addin installer under the same elevated user permissions (e.g. 'Run as administrator').

Update: v1.13.1,     07-Jul-2012

  • Improved: Installer for users where the AppData folder location changes due to roaming profiles

Update: v1.13.0,     17-Apr-2012

  • Improved: Re-written the installer for the developer addin so that non-admins can now install vbMAPI.  Installation is now always per-user, with the addin DLL being installed in the %appdata% folder rather than the machines local program files folder.

Update: v1.12.0,     02-Apr-2012

  • Improved: VBA Addin Installer now correctly installs for each Windows user after being installed from a separate Windows admin account.

Update: v1.11.11,     29-Mar-2012

  • Fixed: Internal error when handling conversion of MAPI boolean types to COM boolean types.

Update: v1.11.10,     26-Mar-2012

  • Improved: signatures support on non-English systems.

Update: v1.11.9,     30-Dec-2011

  • Added: enumeration EnumMeetingStatus (for vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::MeetingStatus)
  • Fixed: appointment cancellation (set meeting status, then call Send()).
  • Fixed: save sent folder for appointment updates (requests / cancellations)

Update: v1.11.8,     07-Dec-2011

  • Fixed: bug in vbMAPI_MailItem::Display call on pre-Outlook 2007 systems, causing some sent messages to be saved to the creation folder rather than moved to the sent items folder.

Update: v1.11.7,     05-Dec-2011

  • Improved the loader code for VB.NET and C#.

Update: v1.11.6,     05-Sep-2011

  • Fixed fallback support for extracting HTML from embedded RTF internally when a message object is generated using the vbMAPI_Session::GetMessageFromMsgFile method.

Update: v1.11.5,     31-Aug-2011

  • Improved vbMAPI_AddressBook::ResolveName exception handling

Update: v1.11.4,     16-Jul-2011

  • Fixed: Classic VB6 error handling support (broken since v1.11.0).

Update: v1.11.3,     15-Jul-2011

  • Fixed: Under certain conditions, vbMAPI_MailItem::Sent property was returning opposite boolean value of what you would expect
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions, vbMAPI_MailItem::Submitted property was returning opposite boolean value of what you would expect

Update: v1.11.2,     14-Jul-2011

  • Fixed: Issue in the loader code that was causing an extra 2MB of memory to be allocated unnecessarily (C# and VB.NET only)

Update: v1.11.1,     12-Jul-2011

  • Improved: vbMAPI_AddressBook::PAB is now read-write (was read-only), allowing you to change the address list designated as the personal address book
  • Improved: vbMAPI_AddressBook::DefaultAddressList is now read-write (was read-only), allowing you to change the address list designated as the default address list

Update: v1.11.0,     06-Jul-2011

  • fixed: memory leak (circular reference) in vbMAPI_Session:GetMessageFromMsgFile
  • added: vbMAPI_MailItem::CastToAppointmentItem
  • added: vbMAPI_MailItem::CastToContactItem
  • added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::CastToMailItem
  • added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::CastToContactItem
  • added: vbMAPI_ContactItem::CastToMailItem
  • added: vbMAPI_ContactItem::CastToAppointmentItem
  • fixed: crash due to new optimizations in the 64-bit VBA7 compiler as of Office 2010 SP1.  (Only affects VBA7 64-bit).  More info here.
  • removed: the 'Add vbMAPI to this project (Advanced Options)' menu item in the VBA and VB6 IDE, and moved that functionality over to the standard 'Add vbMAPI to this project' menu option instead.

Update: v1.10.9,     01-Jul-2011

  • Fixed: Internal handling of MAPI tables with bad/corrupt rows

Update: v1.10.8,     24-May-2011

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::Display dialog will now use the correct Sent Items folder based on the selected send account when messages are sent.

Update: v1.10.7,     24-May-2011

  • Improved: vbMAPI_Account::DeliveryStore property now returns the default store if no specific store has been associated with the account (as such it can also be used with pre-Outlook 2007 too to simplify backwards compatibility when using this feature)

Update: v1.10.6,     19-May-2011

  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::FlagRequest property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::FlagDueBy property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReminderMinutesBeforeStart property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReminderPlaySound property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReminderSet property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReminderSoundFile property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReminderOverrideDefault property
  • Added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::FlagRequest property
  • Added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::FlagDueBy property

Update: v1.10.5,     17-May-2011

  • Added: vbMAPI_Account::DeliveryStore property for Outlook 2007+
  • Added: vbMAPI_Account::DeliveryStoreEntryID property for Outlook 2007+
  • Added: vbMAPI_Account::DeliveryFolderEntryID property for Outlook 2007+
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::SendAccountName now works also when calling vbMAPI_MailItem::Dislplay rather than only working for vbMAPI_MailItem::Send

Update: v1.10.4,     28-Apr-2011

  • Fixed: reminder start-times are now set correctly for appointments.

Update: v1.10.3,     13-Apr-2011

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_OutlookSignature::SetupAttachments now handles paths containing URI encoded characters properly (spaces, accents, etc)

Update: v1.10.2,     17-Mar-2011

  • Fixed: Session.LogOnPSTStore would fail on the second attempt when using a secondary vbMAPI_Session, due to a bug in the caching of MAPI profile tables.

Update: v1.10.1,     09-Mar-2011

  • Fixed: support for .NET 2003
  • Added: Session.Options.ParseSignatureLocalImages boolean property (default true)
  • Added: vbMAPI_OutlookSignature::SetupAttachments method for embedding local images included in signatures (see EXAMPLE)

Update: v1.10.0,     02-Mar-2011

  • Improved: HTMLBody properties are now also fully supported in Outlook 2000/2002 editions (using internal conversion of HTML to embedded RTF format).
  • Added: Session.Option.ForceInternalConversionOfEmbeddedHTML boolean property (default: false) to force vbMAPI to use the internal converter instead of Outlook/Exchanges version

Update: v1.9.6,     26-Feb-2011

  • Improved: VBA loader code for increased stability

Update: v1.9.5,     23-Feb-2011

  • Fixed: date/time support within different time zones

Update: v1.9.4,     23-Feb-2011

  • Fixed: buffer overrun introduced in v1.9.3.

Update: v1.9.3,     22-Feb-2011

  • Fixed: localized date/time issue arising from earlier update

Update: v1.9.2,     22-Feb-2011

  • fixed: LogOnPSTStore when opening a password protected PST file
  • fixed: handling of MAPI date/times with regard to Daylight Saving Time settings
  • added: PR_OOF_STATE MAPI property tag

Update: v1.9.1,     10-Feb-2011

  • Refixed: passing Objects (such as Access form controls) to all IndexOrName type parameters

Update: v1.9.0,     10-Feb-2011

  • Improved: completely re-written the initial MAPI loading routine to take into account of situations where Outlook isn't the default client, and when the bitness of your compiled application doesn't match the bitness of Outlook.
  • Added: exception code E_MAPI_DLL_BITNESS &H8004222F - thrown when the bitness of your compiled application doesn't match the installed version of Outlook.

Update: v1.8.7,     09-Feb-2011

  • Improved: Support for appointments, and sending meeting requests from them (see code examples)
  • Improved: DeferredDeliveryTime property is now read/write
  • Added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::Copy method
  • Added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::Move method
  • Added: vbMAPI_ContactItem::Copy method
  • Added: vbMAPI_ContactItem::Move method
  • Added: PR_ICON_INDEX to properties enumeration
  • Added: details for E_CLASSNOTREG exception
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::Categories multivalue property (string list, comma delimited)
  • Added: vbMAPI_ContactItem::Categories multivalue property (string list, comma delimited)
  • Added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem::Categories multivalue property (string list, comma delimited)
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::Copy with unresolved recipients
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Recipients::Item potential crash
  • Fixed: passing Objects (such as Access form controls) to all IndexOrName parameters
  • Fixed: writing to multi-value properties on x64 platforms
  • Fixed: bug on x64 causing crash in some peculiar instances

Update: v1.8.6,     19-Jan-2011

  • Fixed: Installer issue where the VB.NET and C# folders were not being created

Update: v1.8.5,     14-Jan-2011

  • Improved: text descriptions of some exceptions

Update: v1.8.4,     13-Jan-2011

  • Fixed: Bug in vbMAPIs parsing of To_/CC/BCC properties (splitting into separate recipients was failing from v1.8.x)

Update: v1.8.3,     07-Jan-2011

  • Improved: VCOM v3 engine alignment of code and data sections (increased performance and stability)

Update: v1.8.2,     05-Jan-2011

  • Added: vbMAPI_Folder::Delete method.
  • Fixed: Handling of vbNullString and ZLS in some of the VCOM3 runtime library calls which were causing crashes in some circumstances.

Update: v1.8.1,     14-Dec-2010

  • Fixed: Stability when Attachments.Add was called with invalid filename

Update: v1.8.0,     13-Dec-2010

  • Improved: The whole vbMAPI library now only adds 300kB to a VB.NET project (40% compiled size reduction)
  • Improved: The whole vbMAPI library now only adds 300kB to a C# project (40% compiled size reduction)
  • Added vbMAPI_ContactItem properties: Email1AddressEntryID, Email2AddressEntryID, Email3AddressEntryID, Email1Address, Email2Address, Email3Address

Update: v1.7.0,     08-Dec-2010

  • Improved: ported vbMAPI to the VCOM v3 engine offering stability and efficiency improvements
  • Improved: compiled code size reduction of 15% over previous builds
  • Improved: error descriptions throughout
  • Improved: vbMAPI_Store::RootFolder property now behaves better for public folders.
  • Improved: vbMAPI_Profiles::Add method no longer changes the default profile setting.
  • Improved: Profile Provider and Service UIDs now hex encoded
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_ContactItem and vbMAPIAppointmentItem bug causing crash if named property was accessed before any normal MAPI property.
  • Fixed: many fixes throughout for better Outlook 2000 support

Update: v1.6.4,     10-Nov-2010

  • Improved: support for running vbMAPI within a windows service application. vbMAPI will now detect if running as a service and will send the correct flags to the underlying MAPI calls.

Update: v1.6.3,     09-Nov-2010

  • New: vbMAPI_ContactItem class.  You can cast directly from any vbMAPI_MailItem directly to a vbMAPI_ContactItem.

Update: v1.6.2,     07-Nov-2010

  • NEW: Support for the C# language (win forms and console). Similar to the VB.NET support, just import the included vbMAPI.cs file to your project. Documentation here
  • Improved: added the reference documentation inline to the VB.NET and C# interface descriptors.
  • Changed: vbMAPI_Attachment::DataAsText no longer takes a second parameter (the UnicodeConversion parameter). Instead, this alternative functionality has been split to a new property: DataAsTextAnsi.
  • Changed: Removed the optional parameter to the HTMLBody, Body and RTFBody properties for better C# support. The parameter had not been implemented yet anyway.

Update: v1.6.1,     06-Nov-2010

  • NEW: Support for the C# language (win forms and console). Similar to the VB.NET support, just import the included vbMAPI.cs file to your project. Documentation here
  • Improved: added the reference documentation inline to the VB.NET and C# interface descriptors.
  • Changed: vbMAPI_Attachment::DataAsText no longer takes a second parameter (the UnicodeConversion parameter). Instead, this alternative functionality has been split to a new property: DataAsTextAnsi.
  • Changed: Removed the optional parameter to the HTMLBody, Body and RTFBody properties for better C# support. The parameter had not been implemented yet anyway.

Update: v1.5.0,     27-Oct-2010

  • Important: vbMAPI_Recipient::Resolve now returns true/false rather than raising an exception
  • Added: vbMAPI_Addressbook class (use Session.Addressbook to access it)
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressLists collection class (collection of vbMAPI_AddressList objects)
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressList class
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntries collection class (collection of vbMAPI_AddressEntry objects)
  • Added: vbMAPI_Recipients::ResolveAll
  • Added: vbMAPI_Recipients::Clear
  • Added: vbMAPI_Recipients::ShowAddressBook
  • Added: vbMAPI_Recipients::AddEx
  • Added: ability to copy Recipients between objects, using Item.Recipients = Item2.Recipients syntax
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::Members property for accessing distribution-list members
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::IsMemberOfDL property representing collection of distribution lists the user is a member of
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::IsDelegateFor property collection
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::Delegates property collection
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::Reports property collection
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::Manager property
  • Added: all sorts of standard vbMAPI_AddressEntry properties (see reference docs)
  • Fixed: permissions issue when accessing shared mailboxes
  • Fixed: Unread properties and MarkRead members error propagation
  • Improved: vbMAPI_MailItem::Move member now takes a second argument, ImplicitSave (boolean) which defaults to True.
  • Improved: vbMAPI_MailItem::Copy member now takes a second argument, ImplicitSave (boolean) which defaults to True.

Update: v1.4.4,     18-Oct-2010

  • Fixed: Outlook 2000/2002 support (accidentally broken in last couple of builds)
  • Fixed: Recompiled without SSE CPU requirement

Update: v1.4.3,     16-Oct-2010

  • Fixed: PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME property is now set when vbMAPI_MailItem::Send is called

Update: v1.4.2,     30-Sep-2010

  • Fixed: further issues (MAPI bugs) with accessing service and provider information on Outlook 2000 and 2002

Update: v1.4.1,     30-Sep-2010

  • Fixed: accessing service and provider information on Outlook 2000 and 2002

Update: v1.4.0,     23-Sep-2010

  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::Reply method
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReplyAll method
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::Forward method
  • Added: support for non-modal vbMAPI_MailItem::Display() by specifying a new optional parameter to the call
  • Improved: When vbMAPI_MailItem::Display is called modally, the recipients and attachments are re-synced after the call returns
  • Improved: removed implicit Save when vbMAPI_MailItem::Display() is called.
  • Improved: vbMAPI_MailItem::ConversationIndex now hex encoded
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::PrintOut method
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::BodyFormat property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::Submitted property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::Sent property
  • Added: vbMAPI_Session::MAPIOBJECT property (read/write) - you can now set this to an existing IMAPISession object
  • Added: vbMAPI_Store::MAPIOBJECT property (read only)
  • Added: vbMAPI_Folder::MAPIOBJECT property (read only)
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::MAPIOBJECT property (read only)
  • Added: vbMAPI_Attachment::MAPIOBJECT property (read only)
  • Added: vbMAPI_Attachment::Delete method
  • Added: vbMAPI_Session::DeliverNow for flushing the MAPI spooler in older versions of Outlook (pre-2003)

Update: v1.3.10,     16-Sep-2010

  • Added: Optional parameter to NewOutlookWrapper that can be used to prevent vbMAPI from auto-saving the message.
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::MessageFlags relating to MAPI property PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS
  • Improved: vbMAPI_MailItem::SentOn is now read/write.

Update: v1.3.9,     06-Sep-2010

  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SentOnBehalfOfEntryID property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SentOnBehalfOfName property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SentOnBehalfOfAddressType property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SentOnBehalfOfSearchKey property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SontOnBehalfOfEmailAddress property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SenderSearchKey property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SenderEntryID property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SenderName property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::ReadReceiptEntryID property
  • Added: vbMAPI_AddressEntry::SearchKey property
  • Fixed: - handling of MAPI date/times now using UTC format correctly
  • Fixed: - Extra NULL terminator issue when setting HTMLBody

Update: v1.3.8,     23-Aug-2010

  • Added compression to the VCOM engine. Executable size is now 60% smaller.

Update: v1.3.7,     18-Aug-2010

  • Added vbMAPI_MailItem::UseTnef property
  • Added: vbMAPI_Recipient::SendRichInfo property

Update: v1.3.6,     14-Aug-2010

  • Further fix for .NET support.

Update: v1.3.5,     14-Aug-2010

  • Fixed: Last update accidentally broke .NET support. Now fixed.

Update: v1.3.4,     11-Aug-2010

  • Fixed: Addin menu crashed when updating class modules when no classes were disabled. (only affects v1.3.1, v1.3.2 and v1.3.3).

Update: v1.3.3,     10-Aug-2010

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachment::SaveAsFile added a few extra chars on some versions of MAPI.

Update: v1.3.2,     03-Aug-2010

  • Improved: (VB.NET) Option Strict now set to On, and code is now fully compliant
  • Fixed: minor VCOM engine issue

Update: v1.3.1a,     02-Aug-2010

Update: v1.3.1,     30-Jul-2010

  • Added: vbMAPI_AppointmentItem class. This class is interchangeable with the vbMAPI_MailItem class. You can cast directly between them (e.g. Set AppointmentItem = MailItem).
  • Added: Several vbMAPI_MailItem properties: BillingInformation, OutlookInternalVersion, OutlookVersion, HidePaperClip, Mileage, NoAging
  • Fixed: last build wasn't working with Outlook x64, now fixed.
  • Fixed: setting RTFBody caused an extra de-reference to the MAPI RTF stream = crash on some versions of Outlook

Update: v1.3,     29-Jul-2010

  • Added: Classes allowing administration of MAPI profiles, services and providers. (documentation to follow)
  • Added: vbMAPI_Session::LogonPSTStore method
  • Added: vbMAPI_Session::LogonExchangeMailbox method including EncryptConnection and IgnoreNoPF options
  • Added: VB6/VBA - a new "Advanced Options" menu option allowing deletion of class modules that you're not interested in (substituting late-bound Object type for those classes that you disable)
  • Improved: further improvements to error details reported if the message store fails to open
  • Improved: The VBA/VB6 Addin now closes the opened VBE codepanes for newly added modules.
  • Fixed: OutlookSendReceiveAll won't halt indefinitely if the send/receive abruptly fails.
  • Fixed: GetDefaultFolder() for folder types JunkMail, Conflicts, SyncIssues, LocalFailures, ServerFailures
  • Fixed: bug in late-bound IDispatch implementation that was failing for VB shortcuts where the default member has parameters (e.g. Session.Stores(0) was failing but Session.Stores.Item(0) was OK)

Update: v1.2.12,     22-Jul-2010

  • Improved: error reporting when opening of a message store fails.

Update: v1.2.11,     21-Jul-2010

  • Added: vbMAPI_Session::GetSharedMailBox
  • Added: vbMAPI_Session::GetSharedDefaultFolder
  • Improved: vbMAPI_Session::GetStoreFromID now accepts an optional parameter to control the MAPI open flags.

Update: v1.2.10,     20-Jul-2010

  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::SearchKey property
  • Added: vbMAPI_Folder::SearchKey property
  • Added: vbMAPI_Store::SearchKey property
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::AbortSubmit method
  • Added: vbMAPI_Store::AbortSubmit method
  • Added: vbMAPI_MailItem::MarkRead method allowing suppression of read receipts
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::Display minor memory leak

Update: v1.2.9,     17-Jul-2010

  • vbMAPI_Attachment::DataAsText property is now read/write.
  • Added vbMAPI_Attachments::AddBlank for help in creating attachments from variables rather than physical files. After using AddBlank, set the vbMAPI_Attachment::DataAsText property to a string to set the attachment data.

Update: v1.2.8,     16-Jul-2010

    Fixed: Several bugs causing random exceptions being thrown from collection::Item() methods

Update: v1.2.7,     16-Jul-2010

  • Added: vbMAPI_OutlookSignature::FullHTML property to expose the full HTML including <HTML> and <HEAD> tags

Update: v1.2.6,     15-Jul-2010

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::DeleteAfterSubmit property is now read/write.
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::Importance property is now read/write.
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::To_/CC/BCC properties now wont crash if you pass vbNullString
  • Fixed (VB6): Instancing property of modules now set to Private by default so that DLL compilation is possible.

Update: v1.2.5,     09-Jul-2010

  • New: vbMAPI_OutlookSignatures class (collection)
  • New: vbMAPI_OutlookSignature class offering easy retrieval of Outlook signatures in TXT, HTML and RTF formats
  • New: vbMAPI_Account::DefaultNewSignature property (returns a vbMAPI_OutlookSignature object). Outlook 2003+ only.
  • New: vbMAPI_Account::DefaultReplySignature property (returns a vbMAPI_OutlookSignature object). Outlook 2003+ only.
  • New: vbMAPI_Accounts::DisplayAccountList method
  • New: vbMAPI_Accounts::DisplayNewAccountWizard method
  • New: vbMAPI_Accounts::DefaultMailAccount property (returns vbMAPI_Account object)
  • Improved: now using better method for retrieving profilename (now supporting outlook 2000)
  • Improved: much better (and more efficient) updating of VB modules with the VBA and VB6 AddIns.
  • Fixed: Setting RTF body issue

Update: v1.2.4,     07-Jul-2010

  • EVENTS are now supported by the VCOM engine (in all VB environments including .NET)
  • First event to be exposed: vbMAPI_Store::OnNewMail
  • Improved: removed use of the helper class supplying for-each support in .net
  • Improved: for-each is now supported (internally) on all versions of

Update: v1.2.2,     02-Jul-2010

  • New: vbMAPI_Profiles class
  • New: vbMAPI_Session::Profiles method (no logon required)
  • New: vbMAPI_Store::IPMRootFolder
  • New: vbMAPI_Store::RootFolder
  • New: vbMAPI_Folders::Add to allow creation of new sub folders

Update: v1.2.1,     30-Jun-2010

  • New: vbMAPI_Session::GetMessageFromMsgFile
  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::Copy
  • Improved: vbMAPI_Session::OutlookSendReceiveAll is now synchronous and reports errors back.
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachments::get_Item now supports index OR string (DisplayName)
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Folders::get_Item now supports index OR string (Name)
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Recipients::get_Item now supports index OR string (Name)
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Stores::get_Item now supports index OR string (Name)
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_FolderItems::get_Item now supports index OR string (Subject)
  • Fixed: - VB.NET file now has Option Strict Off set
  • Fixed: - Late-bound implementation now calls QI on interfaces to ensure the correct objects are passed in parameters
  • Fixed: - vbMAPI_MailItem::Move crashed if no properties accessed prior to the call
  • Fixed: - Streamlined the AddIn installer.
  • Fixed: - vbMAPI_Session::OutlookSendReceiveAll now works in Outlook 2000 as well.

Update: v1.1.21,     19-Jun-2010

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::SaveAs on Office 2010 x64.

Update: v1.1.20,     18-Jun-2010

  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::SaveAs basic support for saving to MSG format files.

Update: v1.1.19,     18-Jun-2010

  • Fixed: Debug messages from the v1.1.18 release now suppressed.

Update: v1.1.18,     18-Jun-2010

  • Improved: All EntryIDs are now hex encoded for Outlook and Redemption compatibility.
  • New: vbMAPI_Session::CompareEntryIDs
  • New: vbMAPI_Session::GetItemFromID to open vbMAPI_MailItem object from an EntryID.
  • New: vbMAPI_Session::GetFolderFromID to open vbMAPI_Folder object from an EntryID.
  • New: vbMAPI_Session::GetStoreFromID to open vbMAPI_Store object from an EntryID.
  • New: vbMAPI_Store::CompareEntryIDs
  • New: vbMAPI_Store::GetItemFromID to open vbMAPI_MailItem object from an EntryID.
  • New: vbMAPI_Store::GetFolderFromID to open vbMAPI_Folder object from an EntryID.
  • Fixed: MAPIInitialize bug for multithreaded VB.NET projects. vbMAPI does not yet support multithreaded access to its objects though.

Update: v1.1.15,     17-Jun-2010

  • New: added a method for forcing a send/receive in Outlook (vbMAPI_Session::OutlookSendReceiveAll)
  • New: support for deleting messages (vbMAPI_MailItem::Delete)
  • New: support for moving messages between folders (vbMAPI_MailItem::Move)
  • Improved: better error details if MAPIInitialize() fails

Update: v1.1.11,     25-May-2010

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachments::Count to show newly added items
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachments::Add to handle failure without crashing
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachments::Add CreateFile flags

Update: v1.1.9,     11-May-2010

  • New: vbMAPI_Session::CurrentUser property returns vbMAPI_AddressEntry object
  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::Parent property returns vbMAPI_Folder object
  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::Store property returns vbMAPI_Store object
  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::SendAccount property returns vbMAPI_Account object

Update: v1.1.8,     06-May-2010

  • Fixed: All vbMAPI objects now display correctly in the VB Locals/Watch debug windows.

Update: v1.1.7,     06-May-2010

  • New: VB.NET support!
  • Renamed: vbMAPI_Account::Property to vbMAPI_Account::Properties

Update: v1.1.5,     06-May-2010

  • Fixed: vbMAPI_MailItem::Display now calls ::Save internally before displaying the form
  • Fixed: Item::To_ potential crash on parsing multiple addresses

Update: v1.1.4,     05-May-2010

  • New: Complete 64 bit support under 64 bit hosts (Office 2010 / VBA7 64 bit)
  • New: vbMAPI_Attachment::EmbeddedMessage property returns a vbMAPI_MailItem for embedded messages
  • New: vbMAPI_Options::CollectionBase for choosing either zero or one base for all collections
  • New: vbMAPI_AddressEntry class.
  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::Sender property returns vbMAPI_AddressEntry object
  • New: vbMAPI_MailItem::SentOnBehalfOf property returns vbMAPI_AddressEntry object
  • New: vbMAPI_Recipient::AddressEntry property returns vbMAPI_AddressEntry object
  • New: Reference documentation now also included in the VB Object browser
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachment::Filename for embedded messages
  • Fixed: Late-bound support for all objects. You can now cast any vbMAPI objects to generic Variants/Objects.
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Item::Display no longer crashes on newly created items

Update: v1.0.1,     08-Apr-2010

  • Fixed: Item members of collections are now the default members of the object.
  • Fixed: Other default members of objects such as HTMLBody, Body, RTFBody.
  • Fixed: vbMAPI_Attachment.Filename now uses the MAPI property of PR_ATTACH_LONG_FILENAME with a fallback to PR_ATTACH_FILENAME.

Update: v1.0.0,     06-Apr-2010

  • Initial release.