ref: vbMAPI_Stores

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Equivalent MAPI object: IMAPITable
Equivalent Outlook Redemption object: Redemption.RDOStores
Equivalent Outlook Object Model object: N/A
Parent: vbMAPI_Session

Class Description

This object is a wrapper for the MAPI IMAPITable object. This is a collection of vbMAPI_Store objects. Use For-Each syntax to enumerate the collection.

A MAPI Store represent the physical storage location for your folders, messages etc.

Property Get Count() As Long

Returns the count of items in this collection.

Property Get Item(ByVal IndexOrName As Variant, _
              Optional ByVal OpenFlags As Long) As vbMAPI_Store

Returns the item in the collection corresponding to the provided Index (Long) or Name (String).

Property Get DefaultStore() As vbMAPI_Store

Returns the store that is designated as the , using the MAPI PR_DEFAULT_STORE property.

Property Get Session() As vbMAPI_Session

Returns the session object associated with this object.