ref: vbMAPI_EncodedBody

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Class Description

This object represents a HTML / RTF / Plaintext body property of a message.  Generally, this class is not used explcitly as it has a default member (Value) that is usually the only required value.  This class provides some extra information about implicit conversions that may have occured behind the scenes by vbMAPI.  For example, if you requested HTML but the MAPI store doesn't support HTML, then vbMAPI might convert the embedded RTF into HTML for you.

Property Get BodyFormat() As EnumEncodedBodyFormat

Returns the format of this body (RTF, PlainText, HTML).

Property Get BodySource() As EnumBodySource

Returns the original format of this body before any implicit conversion (RTF, PlainText, HTML).

Property Get Value() As String

Property Let Value(ByVal Value As String)

Returns/sets the body value.  This is the default member of this class.

Property Get CodePage() As Long

Returns the codepage associated with this body string (can be explicitly set, or guessed).

Enumeration description: EnumEncodedBodyFormat

BodyFormat_Unknown = &H0
BodyFormat_PlainText = &H1
BodyFormat_HTML = &H2
BodyFormat_RTF = &H3

Enumeration description: EnumBodySource

BodySourceFrom_AUTO = &Hffffffff
BodySourceFrom_PlainText = &H1
BodySourceFrom_HTML = &H2
BodySourceFrom_RTF = &H3