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Our vbMAPI library provides a new way for VB and C# developers to avoid the Outlook Object Model security restrictions that have plagued developers for the last decade.

vbMAPI avoids the imposed restrictions by using Extended MAPI to interface with Outlook, rather than using the Outlook Object Model. By using Extended MAPI in this way, the product completely avoids all restrictions imposed by the Outlook Guard.

This solution does not require that you distribute any extra DLL files alongside your application. vbMAPI is written in a special form of native machine code, which is contained completely within a set of class modules that you add to your project.

vbMAPI provides its own Object Model that is very similar to the Outlook Object Model (OOM), and also very similar to the well known Outlook Redemption product. This allows for an easy transition to vbMAPI for developers already using the OOM.

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[Developer] Supports Office 2000 and newer (VBA6/VBA7), classic VB6, VB.NET, and C#.
[Client] Outlook 2000 and newer.