ref: vbMAPI_Store

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Equivalent MAPI object: IMsgStore
Equivalent Outlook Redemption object: Redemption.RDOStore
Equivalent Outlook Object Model object: N/A
Parent: vbMAPI_Stores

Class Description

This object is a wrapper for the MAPI IMsgStore object.  You use this object to access root and default folders of a MAPI store.  Use the GetDefaultFolder method to obtain a reference to a particular default folder within a store. .

Property Get Properties() As vbMAPI_Properties

Exposes a collection of the MAPI properties set on this store.  The default member of the vbMAPI_Properties class is Item, therefore in VB you can call vbMAPI_Store.Properties(PropTag) directly.

Property Get NamedProperties(ByVal PropertySetGUID As String, _
              ByVal ID As Variant, _
              ByVal DataType As EnumMAPIPropDataTypes) As vbMAPI_Property

Provides access to MAPI named properties for this MailItem.

PropertySetGUID: A string representation of the property set GUID (e.g. )
ID: The name (string) or property identifier (integer) representing the property to query from the property set.
DataType: The MAPI data type of the property.

Property Get Name() As String

Returns the value of the MAPI property PR_DISPLAY_NAME from this store.

Property Get MdbProvider() As String

Returns the value of the MAPI property PR_MDB_PROVIDER from this store.

Property Get EntryID() As String

Returns the value of the MAPI property PR_ENTRYID from this store.

Property Get SearchKey() As String

Returns the value of the MAPI property PR_SEARCH_KEY from this store.

Function GetDefaultFolderEntryID(ByVal DefaultFolder As EnumDefaultFolderType) As String

Returns the EntryID of one the standard folders in this store.

Function GetDefaultFolder(ByVal DefaultFolder As EnumDefaultFolderType) As vbMAPI_Folder

Returns an object representing the specified standard folder within this store.

Property Get Session() As vbMAPI_Session

Returns the session object associated with this object.

Function GetItemFromID(ByVal EntryID As String) As vbMAPI_MailItem

Given a valid message EntryID, returns a vbMAPI_MailItem object.

Function GetFolderFromID(ByVal EntryID As String) As vbMAPI_Folder

Given a valid folder EntryID, returns a vbMAPI_Folder object.

Function CompareEntryIDs(ByVal EntryID1 As String, _
              ByVal EntryID2 As String) As Boolean

Compares two entry IDs returning True if they represent the same item.  Do not use any other method for comparing EntryIDs - a single item can have multiple valid EntryIDs.

Property Get IPMRootFolder() As vbMAPI_Folder

Returns a vbMAPI_Folder object representing the MAPI IPM root folder.

Property Get RootFolder() As vbMAPI_Folder

Returns a vbMAPI_Folder object representing the MAPI root folder (the parent folder of the IPM root folder).

Sub AbortSubmit(ByVal EntryID As String)

Cancels a previously sent mail item, assuming it is still in the queue.

Property Get MAPIOBJECT() As Variant

Returns the IMsgStore object associated with this item.

Event OnNewMail(ByVal EntryID As String)

No information available at this time.

Enumeration description: EnumDefaultFolderType

FolderType_DeletedItems = &H3
FolderType_Outbox = &H4
FolderType_SentMail = &H5
FolderType_Inbox = &H6
FolderType_Calendar = &H9
FolderType_Contacts = &Ha
FolderType_Journal = &Hb
FolderType_Notes = &Hc
FolderType_Tasks = &Hd
FolderType_Drafts = &H10
FolderType_PublicFoldersAllPublicFolders = &H12
FolderType_Conflicts = &H13
FolderType_SyncIssues = &H14
FolderType_LocalFailures = &H15
FolderType_ServerFailures = &H16
FolderType_Junk = &H17