ref: vbMAPI_FolderItems

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Equivalent MAPI object: IMAPITable
Equivalent Outlook Redemption object: Redemption.RDOItems
Equivalent Outlook Object Model object: Outlook.Items
Parent: vbMAPI_Folder

Class Description

This object is a wrapper for the MAPI IMAPITable object.  You use this object to access and create new mail messages through the Item and Add methods respectively.  Preferably, use the For-Each syntax to enumerate the collection.

Property Get Count() As Long

Returns the count of items in this collection.

Property Get Item(ByVal IndexOrSubject As Variant) As vbMAPI_MailItem

Returns the item in the collection corresponding to the provided Index (Long) or Subject (String).

Function Add(Optional ByVal ItemType As Variant) As vbMAPI_MailItem

Adds a new message item to the folder.  ItemType (optional): can be a string message class (e.g. ) or a value from the EnumMessageItemType enumeration.

Property Get Session() As vbMAPI_Session

Returns the session object associated with this object.