ref: vbMAPI_Accounts

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Equivalent MAPI object: IOlkAccountEnum
Equivalent Outlook Redemption object: Redemption.RDOAccount
Equivalent Outlook Object Model object: N/A
Parent: vbMAPI_Session

Class Description

This object is a wrapper for the Outlook IOlkAccountEnum object. This is a colection of objects of type vbMAPI_Account.  Preferably, use the For-Each syntax to enumerate the collection.

Property Get Count() As Long

Returns the count of items in this collection.

Property Get Item(ByVal IndexOrNameOrSendStamp As Variant) As vbMAPI_Account

Returns the item in the collection corresponding to the provided Index (Long), Name (String) or SendStamp (String/Binary).

Property Get Session() As vbMAPI_Session

Returns the session object associated with this object.

Property Get DefaultMailAccount() As vbMAPI_Account

Returns the vbMAPI_Account object that represents the default Outlook mail account.

Sub DisplayAccountList(Optional ByVal ParentWindowHandle As Long, _
              Optional ByVal ActiveTab As EnumAccountListTab = AccountListTab_Email)

Displays the standard Outlook account list dialog.  Prior to Outlook 2007, this just displays the new account wizard.

Sub DisplayNewAccountWizard(Optional ByVal ParentWindowHandle As Long)

Displays the standard Outlook 'New account' wizard.

Enumeration description: EnumAccountListTab

AccountListTab_Email = &H0
AccountListTab_Stores = &H1