ref: vbMAPI_Options

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Equivalent MAPI object: N/A
Equivalent Outlook Redemption object: N/A
Equivalent Outlook Object Model object: N/A
Parent: vbMAPI_Session

Class Description

This object exposes properties that affect the operation of all sub-objects of the Session.  These settings are global to all sub-objects.

Property Get AutoResolveMode() As EnumAutoResolveMode

Property Let AutoResolveMode(ByVal Value As EnumAutoResolveMode)

Returns/sets the method used to automatically resolve recipients when sending a message.

Property Get FallbackWindowHandle() As EnumWindowHandleConstants

Property Let FallbackWindowHandle(ByVal Value As EnumWindowHandleConstants)

Returns/sets the fallback window handle to use for the parent of dialogs when none has been explicitly set for dialog based methods.  Only set to a window that is always open (such as the Office host application HWND).

Property Get CollectionBase() As Long

Property Let CollectionBase(ByVal Value As Long)

Returns/sets the base index value for collections.  Either zero or one.  Default is zero.

Enumeration description: EnumAutoResolveMode

AutoResolve_AddressBook_With_Dialog = &H0
AutoResolve_AddressBook_No_Dialog = &H1
AutoResolve_OneOff = &H2
AutoResolve_Manual = &H3

Enumeration description: EnumWindowHandleConstants