QuickStart: Installation

Installation for VBA and VB6

VB.NET developers please refer to Tips for VB.NET.

C# developers please refer to Tips for C#.

Before you start, please download and run the installer for vbMAPI here (registered users, please use the download link provided in your receipt e-mail).

Note: You don't need to run the vbMAPI installer on each of your clients machines.  The installer is required only for developers.

Adding vbMAPI to your project

  1. Open your edition of Visual Basic or your Office document VBA project.

    Tip: to open the VBA project of an Office document, press the Alt+F11 keys together when in the main application window.

  2. In the Visual Basic Editor go to the Add-ins > vbMAPI > Add vbMAPI to this project menu option. This will add the required class modules to your VB project.

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