ref: vbMAPI_Recipients

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Equivalent MAPI object: IMAPITable
Equivalent Outlook Redemption object: Redemption.RDORecipients
Equivalent Outlook Object Model object: Outlook.Recipients
Parent: vbMAPI_MailItem

Class Description

This object represents a collection of vbMAPI_Recipient objects. Preferably, use the For-Each syntax to enumerate the collection. Use Add method to add a new recipient, or use the parent object To/CC/BCC members to set a string list.

Property Get Count() As Long

Returns the count of items in this collection.

Property Get Item(ByVal IndexOrName As Variant) As vbMAPI_Recipient

Returns the item in the collection corresponding to the provided Index (Long) or Name (String).

Function Add(Optional ByVal NameOrObject As Variant, _
              Optional ByVal RecipientType As EnumRecipientType = Recipient_TO) As vbMAPI_Recipient

Adds a new recipient to the collection.

(OPTIONAL) NameOrObject: You can pass in a string name/address, or a vbMAPI_Recipient object from another collection, or even a vbMAPI_AddressEntry object.

Function AddEx(ByVal Name As String, _
              Optional ByVal Address As String, _
              Optional ByVal AddressType As String, _
              Optional ByVal RecipientType As EnumRecipientType = Recipient_TO) As vbMAPI_Recipient

Adds a new recipient to the collection.

Name: string representing vbMAPI_Recipient.Name property
(OPTIONAL) AddressType: string representing vbMAPI_Recipient.AddressType property
(OPTIONAL) RecipientType: string representing vbMAPI_Recipient.RecipientType property.

Property Get Session() As vbMAPI_Session

Returns the session object associated with this object.

Sub ShowAddressBook(Optional ByVal Title As String, _
              Optional ByVal OneAddress As Boolean, _
              Optional ByVal ForceResolution As Boolean = True, _
              Optional ByVal NumRecipGroups As Long = &Hffffffff, _
              Optional ByVal ToCaption As String, _
              Optional ByVal CcCaption As String, _
              Optional ByVal BccCaption As String, _
              Optional ByVal ParentWindowHandle As Long)

Displays the address book modally and updates this vbMAPI_Recipients collection on completion.  All parameters are optional.

Title: the title of the address book dialog.
OneAddress: If True, allows only a single recipient to be selected.
ForceResolution: If True, forces all recipients to be resolved before returning.
RecipLists: Number of recipient groups to be displayed (1 = To, 2 = To/CC, 3 = To/CC/BCC)
ToLabel: The caption for the To label, if displayed.
CcLabel: The caption for the Cc label, if displayed.
BccLabel: The caption for the BCC label, if displayed.
ParentWindowHandle: HWND handle to the parent window.

Function ResolveAll(Optional ByVal ShowDialog As Boolean = True, _
              Optional ByVal ParentWindowHandle As Long) As Boolean

Calls Resolve on all vbMAPI_Recipient objects in this collection.  Returns True if all recipients resolved successfully.

Sub Clear()

Empties this collection of recipients.