ref: vbMAPI_Profile

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    Class Description

    This object represents a single MAPI profile that is configured for the current Windows user.  From here you can access the services that have been configured for this profile and also change the name, and default properties of the profile.

    Property Get Name() As String
    Property Let Name(ByVal NewName As String)

    Returns/sets the value of the MAPI property PR_DISPLAY_NAME for this profile.

    Property Get IsDefault() As Boolean
    Property Let IsDefault(ByVal RetVal As Boolean)

    Returns/sets the value of the MAPI property PR_DEFAULT_PROFILE for this profile.

    Sub Delete()

    Deletes this profile (when it is no longer in use).

    Property Get Services() As vbMAPI_ProfileServices

    Returns an collection object that represents all the services currently defined in this profile.

    Property Get GlobalProfileSection() As vbMAPI_Properties

    Returns an GlobalProfileSection as a collection of properties (vbMAPI_Properties).

    Function OpenProfileSection(ByVal MapiUIDAsStr As String) As vbMAPI_Properties

    Returns a specified profile section as a collection of properties (vbMAPI_Properties).  Pass a GUID string in MapiUIDAsStr.