Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I set a reference in the VB references dialog?

You don't! vbWatchdog requires no extra references.

Simply follow the instructions in Quick Start: Installation to add the necessary class modules to your project.  Nothing further is required.

I see there is an update available for vbWatchdog. How do I update?

First off you need to download the update for the AddIn. To do this, locate your receipt e-mail from us that includes the download link for the software. The link will provide you with the latest version to download.  Download the file and install it.

Once installed, you now need to update the class modules in your application(s).  To do this, with your application loaded, open the VBE and use the "Addins" > "vbWatchdog" > "Add vbWatchdog to this project" menu option.  This will now update the class modules to the latest version.  Job done!

Do I need to uninstall the vbWatchdog developer Add-In when upgrading to the full edition or when applying an update?

No.  Our installer handles everything for you.

Do I need to delete the vbWatchdog class modules in my project before upgrading to the full edition or when applying an update?

No.  The 'Add vbWatchdog to this project' menu item does everything for you.

What versions of VBA is vbWatchdog compatible with?

All versions from v6 onwards (from original Office 2000 onwards) are currently supported.

The software is designed universally and should continue to work with any future releases of VBA6 or VBA7 without issue. In the unlikely event that a future version of VBA breaks compatibility, we endeavour to release an updated version of vbWatchdog to fix any issues without charge, provided you have a licence for the latest major revision of vbWatchdog.

What benefits do we get from using your Global Error Handler?

Well, where do I start?

You get access to the VB call stack (to find out the location of error and how that subroutine was called).
You get access to an automatic line numbering system that is already built-in to your compiled code (no code bloating).
You get access to the live local variable values within the procedure of error so that you can dump the memory contents for enhanced debugging
You can create professional error dialogs using the built in HTML error dialog.
You get complete control over handling all errors.

Furthermore, to implement these features is so easy - take a look at our Tips: Converting existing code

Can I put the ErrEx class modules into a library VBA project? (such as a library MDA/MDE file)

Yes, this works well with vbWatchdog, and is the preferred option by most developers that already use a common library file.

The main benefit of this approach is that you could potentially have vbWatchdog setup in a single library file, and use that library file from multiple other projects.  Then when a new update is available for vbWatchdog, you only have to update the class modules in one location.

What license options are available?

Full licensing information and pricing is available here: Purchasing Options

What is ErrEx?

ErrEx is a global class object that is used as a replacement for the built-in Err function in VBA / VB6.  It is also the object you use for enabling and disabling your global error handler.

ErrEx exposes all the new features such as the callstack, line numbering and variables inspector.

Read more here: QuickStart: The ErrEx function

Does this product affect performance of my application in any way?

No, not during normal application program flow. There is of course a small overhead when an exception occurs for retrieving the advanced information from the callstack and live variable values, but in reality this overhead is so small it's negligable.

Can this product be used alongside your MDE Source Code Protector software?

Yes, absolutely.  However, the features of the VariablesInspector are not available since variables debug information has been removed by the MDE Protector. It is advised in this situation to turn off the VariablesInspector support by setting ErrEx.VariablesInspectorEnabled property to False.

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