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vbWatchdog is off the chart.  It solves a long standing problem of how to consolidate error handling into one global location and avoid repetitious code within applications.

I had the privilege of Beta testing vbWatchdog and consequently I'm quite familiar with its outstanding capabilities and multitude of extremely cool features.  In fact, Wayne added some features I suggested, which have seriously amped up my ‘end user experience’.

Among other things, I develop/manage over 25 Microsoft Access databases (mdb/accdb) on my current job.  I have integrated vbWatchdog into a single library mdb.  Each application mdb is referenced to the library mdb, which connects to a single error log mdb on a server.  Virtually any error occurring in any of my apps is automatically written to the error log, all of which is handled by vbWatchdog.   This is HUGE!

- Joe Anderson (Access MVP)

First of all, I have to say that this is an awesome piece of software. I had developed my own Global Error Handler, but this is in a totally different universe.

I have implemented it in an Access XP project that will send an error report over an XML Web Service back to our support team, which includes a complete call stack and variable dump.

Keep up the good work.

- Steve Falla @ JCS

And for some comments from the official Access Team Blog...

This is an excellent product. I've been using it for 2 or 3 months now and am truly impressed. Once you have got it up and running, it makes coding considerable neater and simpler.

Most of my procedures now have no specific error-handling code in them because vbWatchdog picks up any errors directly...

- Alan Cossey @ PDTL

vbWatchdog Global Error Handler is the best Tool for Microsoft Access Developers. It helps to build better and secure Microsoft Access Applications.

This tool also helps you to get valuable informations from your Clients when errors occur...

- Andreas Vogt @ AccessBlog

I´d like to recommend the product to all serious Access developers - it helps during development with enhanced information about runtime errors, status of variables etc., but the best thing to me is the ability to catch EVERY error even in your runtime version, but you do not need special error handling in every sub or function - so you´re always on the secure side.

And last but not least - the support is very fast and Wayne is really a nice guy!

- Joachim Bartels @ AGAMedia