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Version History

Update: v1.6.0,     01-Nov-2010

  • VB6 edition only: This updates our internal VB code parser to now fully support parsing of conditional compilation code lines. This should now resolve any issues that previously caused line numbers and procedure numbers to not be matched up when using the line numbering addin in the IDE.

Update: v1.7.2,     02-Sep-2010

Update: v1.7.2,     01-Jul-2010

  • Fixes a few bugs that occasionally caused the source code line parser to report line numbers incorrectly.
  • Fixed error propagation detection when new iscolated execution paths are executed by the VB engine (events, doevents, immediate window etc).

Update: v1.6.1,     23-Mar-2010

  • Adds VBA7 support (Office 2010, 32 bit only)

Update: v1.5.0,     15-Jul-2009

  • Initial release of VB6 edition.

Update: v1.4.1,     03-Jun-2009

Update: v1.4.0,     26-May-2009

  • Added: For...Each enumeration support for callstack and variables collections (see FAQs).

Update: v1.3.4,     05-Mar-2009

  • Fixed: ErrEx.CallGlobalErrorHandler with propagated errors.

Update: v1.3.3,     05-Mar-2009

  • Fixed: Error propagation within class modules.

Update: v1.3.2,     03-Mar-2009

  • Further customization options for buttons in the Vista-style dialog.
  • Fixed: Pressing escape key in Vista dialog previously caused problems. Escape key now disabled.

Update: v1.3.1,     02-Mar-2009

  • New ErrEx.State of OnErrorExitProcedure to give further possibilities in your global error handler.

Update: v1.3.0,     27-Feb-2009

Update: v1.2.3,     29-Dec-2008

  • Fixed: If-Then-Else line number counting issue when line continuation character immediately before 'Then'/'Else'

Update: v1.2.2,     04-Dec-2008

  • Fixed: Calling ErrEx.ShowErrorDialog on Vista - bug due to C++ compiler switch that inadvertently got changed in v1.2.1
  • Fixed: Calling ErrEx.Bookmark in COM-less installation

Update: v1.2.1,     22-Nov-2008

  • Fixed: Calling ErrEx.CallGlobalErrorHandler from within a library MDB / MDE.

Update: v1.2.0,     17-Nov-2008

  • Fixed: line number add-in font bug.
  • Fixed: line number counting issue with 'Dim' lines that were split with line continuation character
  • Added: ErrEx.State OnErrorRetry (like Resume in local procedure).
  • Added: ErrEx.DialogOptions.VariablesDumpCloseButtonText
  • Added: ErrEx.DialogOptions.VariablesDumpWindowTitle
  • Optimized: ByVal use in ErrEx wrapper classes
  • Added: Code bookmarks support. Also see included BookmarksSample.mdb.

Update: v1.1.1,     29-Sep-2008

  • New feature: VariablesInspector class - available from ErrEx.VariablesInspector and ErrEx.CallStack.VariablesInspector
  • New feature: Completely revised registry-free installation option for ALL Access applications (MDBs / MDEs / ACCDBs etc).
  • Removed:
  • VBEEx class/object. All properties / methods now available from ErrEx class instead.
  • Renamed:
  • ErrEx.CallStack.Next -> ErrEx.CallStack.NextLevel
  • ErrEx.CallStack.First -> ErrEx.CallStack.FirstLevel
  • VBEEx.Version -> ErrEx.DLLVersion
  • VBEEx.ErrorDialogOptions -> ErrEx.DialogOptions
  • Fixed: 'Toggle SourceLineNumbers' menubar add-in now remembers its last position.
  • Added: New menubar for the VBE AddIn
  • Plus a few other minor bug fixes.

Update: v1.0.15,     06-Sep-2008

Update: v1.0.14,     05-Sep-2008

Update: v1.0.13,     04-Sep-2008

  • Fixed: ErrEx.IsDebugable property now doesn't fail if an error hasn't yet occurred.

Update: v1.0.12,     01-Sep-2008

  • Initial release.