ref: ErrEx properties

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Technical Overview

The ErrEx class is globally defined in the library DLL and implements the interface IErrEx.  The IErrEx interface is defined as follows: 

PROPERTIES Read/Write Type
 SourceProcedure read-only String
 SourceModule read-only String
 SourceProject read-only String
 SourceLineNumber read-only Long
 SourceLineCode read-only String
 IsDebugable read-only Boolean
 State read-write enum OnErrorStatus
 UserData read-write Variant
 Description read-write String
 HelpContext read-write Long
 HelpFile read-write String
 LastDLLError read-only Long
 Number read-write Long
 Source read-write String
 VBEVersion read-only String
 DLLVersion read-only String
 (VBA only) VariablesInspectorEnabled read-write Boolean
 Bookmark    (v1.2+) write-only Long
 CurrentBookmark    (v1.2+) read-only Variant
METHODS Return Value
 (VBA) EnableGlobalErrorHandler(HostApp As Object, OnErrorProcedureName As String)   Boolean
 (VB6) EnableGlobalErrorHandler(AddressOfProc As Long, ThisVBProjectOnly As Boolean)   Boolean
 DialogOptions   implementation of IErrExDialogOptions
 ShowErrorDialog   enum OnErrorStatus
 CallStack   implementation of IErrExCallStack
 (VBA only) VariablesInspector   implementation of IErrExVariables
 SetBookmarkAsOnErrorGoto(Bookmark As Long)    (v1.2+)   Boolean
 GoToBookmark(Bookmark As Long)    (v1.2+)