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After years of trying different workarounds for MS Outlookís security warning when sending emails through Access VBA, I finally found one that is completely painless.  vbMAPI makes life simple again.

No more registering DLLs on every userís computer; no more hassles with Office versions.  It all just works.  Click the ĎAdd vbMAPI to Projectí button and Iím ready to code.  And the depth of control is amazing.  There is also a solid online help system (including sample code) which lets me get what I need without fumbling around.

- Bill Mosca (Access MVP)

vbMAPI greatly simplifies the process of creating emails, gets rid of annoying security messages, and not having to install DLLs etc on users machines is a major plus.

I can't recommend this product enough and the quick responses and support I have received couldn't be better.

- Phil Taylor

In searching for a solution I came upon vbMAPI.  It was like finding the Holy Grail! Installation was quick and easy.  Adding vbMAPI to my Access VBA projects was simply a couple of mouse clicks AND required no additional client workstation installation or files.

Within an hour I had integrated and tested it in my application.

In summary, we have simple installation, integration, performance, no external file requirement, service and even low price. One can't beat that combination anywhere.

- Alphonse @ ADH Data Solutions

Within minutes, I was able to harness the full power of the Outlook Object Model in my applications. The innovative deployment method meant that I was able to integrate this functionality seamlessly, with no need to distribute additional libraries to clients.

Product support has been second-to-none, with most of my queries being answered same day and enhancements, where necessary, being released within a week. I've been using the product to its full extent for four months and it just works.

I am rarely moved to endorse products - generally I consider that payment should suffice! - but vbMAPI Outlook Security Evader and its excellent development and support team deserve a special mention.

- Christian Martin @ UK NHS

One of the things I like about your product is that I donít have to mess around with Outlook references.

Since I am developing using Outlook 2010 and some of my customers only have earlier versions, it is a great help to not have to set/remove references and use conditional compilation constants, yet I still have Intellisense.

Itís worth the money for that alone.

- Alan Cossey @ Norfolk Databases