MDE to MDB conversion service


ACCDE to ACCDB conversion service

-  Ethical & Legal Restrictions  -

  1. will not convert any compiled file unless the client can prove lawful ownership of the intellectual property inside the compiled file and we have written authorization from the owner to convert it back to its source format. 

    Proof of ownership can include:

    • Legal documentation that you are the developer of the Microsoft Access application.

    • A copy of a written contract between you and the application developer(s).  This contract should describe the project, including application design specifications/requirements, and must detail who will own the intellectual property on completion.

    • A copy of a payment receipt for the project - this must include details of the project specifications or a description of the overall project.

    Other documentation may be accepted and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

  2. For copyrighted compiled files, we require proof of copyright ownership before starting the project*.

    Proof of copyright ownership can include:

    • A copy of the official documentation granting you copyright ownership of the compiled file.

    • The URL of the website page for the Copyright Office's listing of your copyright claim.

    Other documentation may be accepted and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

    *Some countries do not have official documentation to prove copyright ownership.  In these circumstances, other forms of proof of ownership may be accepted instead.

  3. reserve the right to decline a request to reverse engineer a project without reason.

    Furthermore, from an ethical stand point, if we have any doubts as to the lawful ownership of a compiled file (for any reason), be assured that we will not accept the project for reverse engineering.

    For developers that have concerns regarding the above, please read the processes we employ to try to prevent the illegal use of our service here. General Terms Of Service

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