MDE Unlocker v3.20 for Microsoft® Access

8th March 2013:       MDE UNLOCKER - DISCONTINUED

With immediate effect, our software product ‘MDE Unlocker’ will no longer be available for purchase.

We encourage users to consider our MDE to MDB restoration service instead, which includes full VBA code recovery.

Our products and services have evolved over time and we feel that now is the right time to retire this product, as it has been superseded by our full conversion service.

Please note: we will continue to offer full technical support for current MDE Unlocker users until 9th March 2014.

Registered users may download the latest release of the software here:

Download MDE Unlocker v3.2 (ZIP)

Make changes to your compiled MDE files without having to re-write the VBA code

MDE Unlocker allows you to edit the forms, reports and macros in your MDE applications whilst leaving the original, compiled VBA code intact.  You can then make changes to the functionality of your applications by using Access macros.

-   Unlocks forms and reports for editing

-   Allows creation of new forms and reports

-   Optionally convert to MDB format instead (removes VBA code)

-   Supports Access 97 - 2003 file formats

-   14 day money back guarantee

PLEASE NOTE:  MDE Unlocker does not reverse-engineer your VBA code.  Instead it allows you to edit the forms and reports whilst leaving the compiled VBA code intact.


Only £39.99 (USD $70/EUR €50)

Need the VBA code restored?

If this isn't enough and you need to get your VBA code back, then we offer a separate, full restoration service which includes the reverse engineering of all VBA modules. 

Please see MDE to MDB Conversion Service for further information.  Naturally, the conversion service is the more costly option, but it does not compare to the the cost of re-development.


Example scenarios

So you've lost your original MDB file to your compiled MDE database application.  Doh!  Not all is lost however, since you can use the MDE Unlocker to make minor changes to your application.  Changes such as;

Changing a form or report design/layout

This is the simplest type of change.  You can open any form or report in design view from Access and then change the layout, images, controls etc and then save the changes directly to the MDE file.

Adding new fields to a table and related bound forms

Another simple change is to add new fields to bound forms and reports.  Simply add the field to the necessary tables (and queries) and then add a new bound control on your form.  This only works for bound forms since you can't modify the VBA code behind the form.

Changing programmatic functionality

You can't modify existing VBA code, but you can disable form/report events by removing the text '[Event Procedure]' from the property in the Access form/report object browser.  You can then redirect the event to a macro and then implement the new functionality that way.

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