Access Database Repair Service - Customer Testimonials

Here you will find a selection of testimonials that we got back from satisfied customers.
These are real testimonials from real customers.

The database file I sent you had been corrupt for 3-4 YEARS.

YOU FIXED IT!!! Thanks so much.

The error in the database had kept me from printing reports as the software would always crash.

I had tried MS Knowledge Base fixes.
I updated Jet Engine and Compact Utility.
I tried other Access Repair services.
I downloaded every freeware repair software I could find.
I purchased software to repair it.

Most of the time the "repaired" file wasn't able to be read by my Software Application because it had been saved in a different file format than the original.

I am glad I saw the recommendation on the Website of a company that writes software on a Google Search.

I can guarantee that one is at the mercy of the many vendors who are only repairing their checkbook balances, not your Access file.  I had probably spent 4 times more on what I had done to date than what your repair cost.  I was just before spending $2000 on a new software application to manage my business because the one that wrote my current software has been out of business for years.

You may feel free to use this unsolicited recommendation for your service in any way you choose.


Terry Sellers, Car Phone Store - 28th May 2008

Hi Wayne

I have had a quick look through the recovered database and at first glance it is better that I ever hoped, thank you very much for your prompt service.


Simon, - 12th March 2008

Thank you so much for a wonderful service. Our back-ups having failed and our database corrupt beyond repair, Wayne managed to restore all the VBA modules behind the forms, and the actual modules themselves when we were tearing our hair out! Thanks Wayne, your service was way and above excellent!

Kind regards

Melanie Jenkins, F1 Solutions, South Africa - 11th March 2008

Hi Wayne

Just wanted to say Thank you for your very efficient help, you really did save me a terrible month of re-writing.

You can count on me to recommend you in the future.


Robin, Signals IT Ltd - 3rd March 2008

Well I keep breaking my database and EverythingAccess keeps coming through time and time again.

This time, I thought I might try to save some money so I went and bought a program to fix my database myself. That was a total disaster. My company was at a screeching halt. The database was totally messed up after the ‘other guys’ program finished.

So, I logged onto my old pals EverythingAccess and within 10 minutes start to finish, I had my database back up and my company was moving again with no errors!

Thank goodness for you guys! I would not know where to go without you.

Michael Firey, Service Envoy - 8th October 2007

Service was very fast and upfront about my problem. I was told that very little of my data was recoverable.

I wanted what they got so I glad to pay for this service.

They gave shot when other data repair centers would not.
I happy to pay them

Charris T Harris - 5th July 2007

Hi Wayne,

Thank you so much for this. I have now downloaded the files. Everyone in the office has asked me to thank you for your help and support.

You are a hero!

Best wishes,

Ajeet, - 7th June 2007

Dear Wayne,

Thanks for your tenacity and expertise in getting my application up and running again. Your absolute refusal to "throw in the towel" helped me to meet a deadline, and is a true asset to your company. Much good luck in the future, and hopefully you won't here from me again.

But if I do need my app "de-corrupted" you will be the one who gets my business.
Thanks Again,

Robert Cass, UCSD Medical Center - 18th April 2007

I just used your Access recovery service – I must thank you enormously for how fast this is and how good the result was.

You have just saved me 2 weeks work so the small price was nothing in comparison. I’m now going to stop swearing at Mr Gates and relax…….. Thank you

Brad, - 13th March 2007

Hello. Thanks so much for getting this database working again.

Really, the data wasn't an issue for me but more the code, forms and queries. Your system is quite impressive. I hope I dont need this service again, but if I do or anyone else that I know needs it, I will most definitely send them your way.


Darren Marker - 20th February 2007

Just to say thanks for your work today guys. The system's working great and the speed of your service is amazing!

I'll tell everyone I know with this program about you just in case they have the same problem

Steve Campbell, - 17th November 2006

Marvellous slick service.

System back online with no data loss, very good value for money.

I am very impressed.

Thank you.

Colin Walder, - 26th September 2006

I couldn't think of a single way to make the repair service better than it is.

I wll certainly recommend it to one and all. Thanks!

Moshe Arzt, Database Services - 10th August 2006

To Whom It May Concern,
I lost over 30 hours of work last week due to a corruption of my VBA project, as most “recovery”
services say they can recover the tables my main concern was the Forms and VBA modules.

After bruising my hand in frustration I have tried a couple of providers without luck.
I stumbled across your site through a google search on “repair access database form module”
and came across your “tips” page, after exhausting all opinions I decided to take you up on your “Free” report.

To my shock it arrived in a matter of minutes and advised it could be recovered. Still skeptical I hesitatingly
paid for the service thinking I would have to get a refund as it probably didn’t recover “everything”.


I highly recommend your service, as the automation of your systems makes it very reassuring and professional.

Thankyou again for gaining back 30 hours of my already stretched timeframe

Michael Proctor, NTDS Pty Ltd - 12th June 2006

I thought a few honest words were in order, if they help as a testimonial then fine, if not then you should hear how pleased I was anyhow.

We deleted a critical table in our access database, I downloaded lots of recovery software but nothing worked. I had given up hope when I found the everything access on-line recovery service.

I uploaded the mdb and got a result immediately! When I discovered that the date fields weren’t correct I mailed the support team and got a quick response with the dates fully recovered. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and timely service……… that would have been reasonable at five times the price!

Thanks a million.

Lee Atack - 15th May 2006

Great recovery tool. Helped me out a lot in a jam. Highly recommend it.

Bharathi Hornat, - 20th March 2006

Thank you !

We did as you said, and then imported a known good table from a back up and it all works now (with a few minor data details)

Thank you for your quick response in all matters, I will leave favourable feedback on your website, and encourage others to use your service if need be.

My Boss is very happy with my decision.

Kind Regards

Richard Ingram, - 2nd February 2006

Thanks so much for your efficiency & flexibility.

Using your repaired version with my backup, my db is now completely restored. I am a very satisfied customer.


Andrew Buchanan, Anselan - 7th September 2005

I was very pleased with the speed and service from, our company had about ten members of staff all waiting to use our corrupt database as we deal with insurance claims on a day to day basis. I uploaded our 30MB database in the evening when i went home. I had a reply back within a few minutes to say the database had been repaired and ready for download. I downloaded it and had our company back up and running the next day before the staff were at their desks. Everyone was relieved they could get back into the database and carry on their job as normal. Highly recommended..

Gino Malcangi, Complete Compensation - 9th August 2005

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my gosh!

If I said thank you a million times, it wouldn't be enough! You have saved my company - and my sanity!

Dixie Lane, Sparkling Pool Services, 2nd July 2005

The other day you managed to 'save' all my clients data and they wanted me to pass on just how grateful they are.

You did a fantastic job in the early hours of the morning and by working through the night their systems were ready for the next day with no downtime.

The only 'problems' with the data were the need to rename a few tables and set default values back to their original settings.

I will be telling everyone and anyone who wants to know about data recovery about your company.

Thank you again for your extremely professional service.

Steve, Laser Solutions Limited - 31st May 2005

Thanks again for all of your help and the added information that was over and above the database repair service. We will definitely keep you on the list of recommendable companies to work with. Keep up the good work!

Doug, Universal Computer Solutions Inc - 26th May 2005

Thank you for great service!
It was easy and fast.
I will recommend my friends if they have problems!

Kiyo Tamiaki - 24th May 2005

Wayne, thanks for the report.  It looks as if the majority of items are un-recoverable.  I'll have to use the backup and get the user to re-key.  Thanks for your help I'll definitely come back and will recommend you to colleagues.

Ian Christopher - 22nd May 2005

Will use again in the future. My customer was astonished at how fast and inexpensive it was. I was also. Thank you very much.

Randy Burger - 12th May 2005

Excellent quick response, i couldn't be happier. Wayne was very helpful and responsive, you guys are the greatest.

R. Carlisle - MS Sports Medicine, 9th May 2005

The file looks good. Thanks for the quick recovery. I will be using you for future events, if they occur.

H.Turner - Detroit - 8th May 2005

Thanks a lot, I will certainly recommend and use your company services again.

Ian Birdsey - 29th April 2005

I Haven't had a chance to check through things thoroughly, but based on what I have seen - WOW!
Awesome service, affordable price, couldn't ask for more really.

Jonathan Behr - 25th April 2005

Thanks!  And thanks for the excellent service and prompt support!!!  I'll definitely recommend your services to others

Jeff LeProwse -14th April 2005

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