Lifetime product updates guarantee

If you add this option to your product purchase, you will be entitled to all future updates of the selected product absolutely free of charge... forever.

Our general upgrade policy is that all minor updates of our products are available free of charge, but major upgrades are offered at a discount.  Minor updates are those that do not affect the major version number (the number before the decimal point)... for example, for the version number 3.20, 3 is the major version number whilst .20 is the minor revision number.  e.g. a purchase of v3.21 would entitle you to use v3.00 - v3.99, but v4.00 would be offered to you at discount.  By purchasing our lifetime product updates guarantee, you will get all future updates (minor and major) completely free of charge.

If you have any questions about our upgrade policies, please contact us.